Breaking Weight Loss Plateaus

Sometimes we find that our weighing machines are showing the same figure although we are trying hard to lose weight. At this time, it is very frustrating and we want to stop all that we are doing to lose weight. Rather than stopping, it is better that we look into ways that will help us to break the weight loss plateau.

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There are different ways to break weight loss plateaus like

  1. Sometimes we don’t know what amount of calories we are consuming. This happens because we don’t know the caloric value of certain food items. It is important to keep food journals in the kitchen/home so that you can count how many calories you are consuming in a meal.
  2. Eat smaller meals. This is helpful as it improves the digestive power and makes us healthy. It basically improves our metabolism process.
  3. When we are doing some workout on a daily basis, our body gets adapted to it. In such a case, the body doesn’t respond much to those exercises and basically, after a certain period of time, these exercises just maintain the weight you have got into but don’t decrease it further. So the better option is to keep changing your workout routine. Every time a workout routine is changed the body has to put up extra effort to adapt that workout and in this process, we lose more weight.
  4. To break the weight loss plateau, it is better to try something different like muscle building. The amount of calories lost is more when it comes to muscle building. It is a very good way to revive the metabolism of the body. Strength training can help you to lose more amount of weight so you can add exercises that help in strength building.Weight Loss Plateaus
  5. One must drink a lot of water. If you are drinking less water it will lead to a sluggish metabolism.
  6. If you are a heavy coffee or tea drinker you need to drink more water as both of them have a diuretic effect.
  7. You can try to increase your protein intake, but supplement it by cutting carbohydrates.
  8. Sometimes we stick to a diet plan religiously, but after some time this plan doesn’t work as our body gets adapted to it. In such a case, one must stop dieting. If you stop dieting for one day a week, your body will get confused and will help in losing weight. It is important that our body becomes flexible rather than robotic to one type of diet plan.
  9. Try some kind of outdoor activities during the weekend. These activities like kayaking, hiking, biking, swimming, and sailing. You can opt for a few sports like tennis, badminton or basketball. All these help to burn calories and thereby reduce weight in the process.

Basically, our body needs to break from the same old routine to break the weight loss plateaus. It’s called tricking our bodies so that they don’t get used to any particular regime. Keep trying different methods and don’t stick to anyone that makes you feel convenient as if it’s convenient, you become lazy and keep following the same old regime. 

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