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Brain Fitness Exercises

Experts have over time realized how important the health of our brain is to our overall quality of life and for our well-being. Brain fitness helps a person get on with everyday demands. The brain is the bottom line to a happy and healthy life and therefore of great significance to have a well-functioning brain.

The brain, just as the rest of the muscles in the body requires fitness exercises to make it strong just as the muscles found elsewhere in the body organs. The brain should not be left out in the line for the organs that require exercises for this will make one stand the risk of losing the brain’s potency. The brain fitness exercises help keep the brain on high alert and the brain cells up to the task by being strong.

There are a number of fitness exercises that can help keep the brain cognitively fired and very fit at all its cylinders. On the other hand, it is of great importance to put the mind away from anxiety, chronic stress, and depression which happen to decrease brain fitness. The following are some of the brain fitness exercises that are of help for keeping the brain to new tasks; physical exercises, mental stimulation, good nutrition, sleep, and stress management can improve brain fitness.

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Exploring New Avenues

Routine zones and comfort zones are what our lives are comprised of, the routines are the activities within the comfort zones. We happen to do a particular thing repeatedly but in the best way that suits us. It is of importance to do this very thing differently to have the mind jog a bit, this will help one create a new exercise for the brain. The brain will be engaged in catching up to the new event and to a new way of doing this task in a new way.

The routines that we have for our everyday lives get of age and if left for continuity, they will cause the brain aging. It is therefore important to always have new routines whether at work or at the homestead to avoid repeating the same patterns. It is important to note that when a task becomes too obvious to the doer that they can do it in their sleep, they stand to damage or offer no help to the brain. The brain requires new pathways to explore to help it in its growth.


This exercise entails the creation of new neurons. When the brain cells are active, this results in the development of more connections with the neurons which creates sharpness of the brain. The stimulation of the neurons can be made by the brain gaining experience and also from thee connections and as a result, saving the brain cells from death. The mental exercises increase the rate at which the new brain cells survive. In brain fitness exercises, physical exercises help in increasing secretion of the nerve growth which usually determines the growth and the health of the neurons.

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Mental Stimulation

More interconnectivity of the neurons and their production can be done by consistent mental challenge through novel stimuli, this goes further to increase the growth factor in the nerve growth factor. This also prevents the malfunctioning of cells which most times results in the death of the cells. Research has over time found out that cognitive ability helps in reducing the long-term cognitive decline of the brain among people with dementia.

There are other activities that are believed to improve brain fitness and these include;

1. Activities that give them ahead planning situation of the mind, like playing chess. They have been found to stimulate the brain

2. Playing of basketball, ballroom dance, and training in short-range spatial skills help in the stimulation too

3. Learning of a new language is of great help too for it helps in coordinating several regions of the brain

Importance of the Brain Fitness Exercises

It has been established that the training of the brain impacts positively on the brain function in areas like reasoning, speed processing, and also on memory. It is also to undertake brain fitness exercises because they help much in reducing the risk of developing diseases associated with dementias e.g. Alzheimer’s. Moreover, brain fitness exercises help keep the brain healthier and even stays for longer.

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