Is it safe to wear Bra after Delivery

Is It Safe To Wear Bra After Delivery!

Hello all mommies, Are you also the one who is getting confused in deciding to wear or avoid the Bras after Delivery? Are you also having doubt in selecting the correct Bra after Delivery? Or did you got confused to change your Bra’s wardrobe? If there are any such type of queries is in your mind when you are at the right place to get all the answers to your questions.

When a woman gets pregnant she starts experiencing the changes in her body and so in the breasts also. And unlike pregnancy period she experiences a totally different body after her delivery especially the breasts. The breasts are the most sensitive part of our body and it really needs extra care and comfortable clothes to wear all the time. This is a very important thing because it also affects the breast milk. If you are wondering that how bras can affect the breast milk then you must read the full article.

Bras are safe or not!

This is really a big question that whether you should wear Bras or not in the starting month of your delivery? So, this is very necessary to wear bras in the starting days just after you gave birth because this will help you to handle your breast and prevent them from soreness.

Still, in many families, the Bras are not allowed to wear in the first 40 days after delivery because of some undefined traditions and rituals. But this is not a good idea because the Bra also helps in holding up your milk in your starting days and avoids the leaking.

It was the happenings of the previous time when ladies don’t feel comfortable in Bras for breastfeeding because of lack of comfortable Bras. This trend is still running in many of the families to avoid the Bras in the first 40 days of delivery. It was the concern of that time when ladies don’t have comfortable Bras. They were normally intended to wear the cotton Bras which later becomes tights and they don’t invest in any of the new maternity bras so they have to avoid them without any option.

But now you have many options. You can change your simple bras into various types of comfortable maternity or nursing Bras. And you can use different fabric bras to feel comfortable. There are many types of breastfeeding Bras available in the market which is very easy to provide you with the comfort zone while breastfeeding.

So, it is very necessary to wear the Bras after delivery but make sure that it is comfortable and yes it is totally safe to wear them if you are comfortable. Select a good maternity bra that provides optimum comfort to your changing breast size.

Bras at night during breastfeeding

This is totally your choice that you want to wear a bra or not at night. There are many females who don’t wear a bra at night. If you are among one of them then you can ignore wearing a bra at night time. But if you don’t want to be without bra then choose a comfortable nursing bra with a good big cup size so that you can get full support and comfort while breastfeeding.

The wearing of the bra also depends on the size of your breast. If you have small breast then you can adjust the night time without a bra but the big boobs really create an uncomforting zone for the women to handle the whole breastfeeding nights.

One more thing which says to wear Bras at night is the leaking breasts. If you have the milk leaking from your breast then you must wear the nursing padded bras so that you and your baby can sleep well.

Need of a Bra after Delivery

There are many women who say that what is the need of wearing a bra after delivery when we can stay free with the tightness of the strips?  And yes it is true also; during pregnancy and after delivery when mostly the women stay at home they wear loose fitting clothes and then they became habitual of such comfortable clothes. But do you really think that it is a good idea! Obviously, a big NO to this idea as the bras really plays a hidden vital role to take care of our breasts. If you will avoid the Bras then you will have to face many breast problems like the stretching of breast tissues. When the breast tissue stretched then it results in making the breast lose its shape and start sagging. The loose, saggy breast will really look very bad to you. So, if you don’t want to lose the beauty of your breast then don’t ignore the need of bras after your delivery.

Is it safe to wear Bra
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Selection of correct Bra

We have a lot about the benefits of wearing Bra after delivery but did you know that every bra is not the friendly one to give you breastfeeding comfort. Some special designed and right choice of the bra will give you the best results. So, let’s have a look at what is the right procedure to select a maternity Bra:

  • Any type of bra should be comfortable for your breast and when we talk about the maternity bras then it is very important to think about your comfort while breastfeeding. Measure your exact size and then buy the bra.
  • The cup size of the bra should be big enough to hold up your breast strongly so that they could not be sag or loose down due to heavy milk.
  • If you think that your breasts are leaking so much then go for the padded nursing bras which are specially designed for the ladies with heavy milk flow and the leaking.
  • Take the help of the measuring tape if you are purchasing the bras online. Follow the measuring chart, measure your size and then order online to get the exact size.
  • Buy the bra which has wide straps so that they can give support to your heavy breasts.
  • Purchase that fabric of the bras which allow the maximum air flow like cotton or synthetics. The other material bras trap moisture next to the breast and encourage bacterial growth and soreness.
  • Check the flap of the bra which can open and close easily while you breastfeed. Also, check that the flab opens only to a limit so that you don’t have to feel embarrassed when you are somewhere outside.


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