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Best Weight Loss Program Online And YouTube

Despite the huge number of diets and weight loss programs that are available to the general public through the Internet and other media, the fact remains that it is still very difficult for the average American to lose weight. The search for the best weight loss program constitutes an ordeal, and people compare and contrast them through online resources. Presented here are two of the best weight loss programs, together with their strengths and weaknesses for you to compare.

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One of the most well-known weight loss programs is Weight Watchers. Its distinctive feature is that those who subscribe to their program are invited to meetings, whether live or online, that provide extra support that complements their weight loss process. Apart from this, their system entails assigning each food a number of points; you can then choose how to “spend” those points. In this way, they make sure that every individual’s needs and preferences when it comes to implementing their weight loss program are met. A disadvantage of this program, however, is its cost. Although not terribly expensive, the fact that meetings can be carried out for many months can be quite expensive in the long run.

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Another good program is Jenny Craig’s. This program relies on very strict portion control and offers its subscribers the convenience of having a packed lunch that is suited to each individual according to his/her needs, especially at the beginning of the program, while subscribers are still learning how to go about their weight loss. There are also weekly meetings that help subscribers stay on track and continue learning. Some people argue, however, that the pre-packed meals are not convenient if you have a big family to feed, and also that it can be very difficult for a person to imitate the quality, portion size, and calorie count that those meals have. They can also be very expensive over time.

Others Youtube Best Channels for Weight Loss

The below-mentioned Youtube channels are very popular and have a huge audience who are regularly watching and doing daily exercise and taking the benefits of health and fitness. You can watch and subscribe.

  1. BeFit
  2. Chloe Ting
  3. Zumba Class
  4. MadFit
  5. Yoga with Adriene
  6. Body Project
  7. AfriFitness
  8. Blogilates
  9. Orangetheory Fitness
  10. The Fitness Marshall

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The third weight loss program I would like to mention here is LA Weight Loss. Like in Jenny Craig’s program, there are one-on-one weekly visits and a menu plan catered for each individual. Subscribers do not need to count calories and can eat the foods they prefer, and they learn about the most convenient food to eat. However, the price can be a bit of a problem here, since you are required to pay for all the yearly visits and consultations before starting the program. Though these visits are not more expensive than the other programs’, the fact that you must pay them all together at the beginning can be daunting. Furthermore, there is no money-back guarantee. If you quit or are forced to quit, there is no reimbursement.

We have presented here three of the best weight loss programs. It can be difficult to choose one but bear in mind that the best weight loss program is the one that best suits you, according to your needs at the moment of starting it, your degree of commitment, the price you are ready to pay, and your lifestyle. Take this into account when the time comes to select a weight loss program!

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