Best Tips: How to be active during your pregnancy

Being active in pregnancy is the password to unlock a healthy journey and a fit baby.

Feeling low on energy? Lethargy envelopes your mind all the time just because you are pregnant?

I cried the same notions all the time until a colleague (and a good male friend!) scolded me that I was not sick, just pregnant. From that day for the next 6 months or so, I never wanted to feel sick. Of course, I was sick throwing up 3-4 times a day. But his eye-opener dialogue made an amazing effect on me that lasted until the final day of my 9 months.

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Being active is the mantra to be happily pregnant. You should not be thinking of this as a sickness but take it with spirits as another important span in life. You need it for a healthy baby and a happy you.

We collected some amazing personal tips from the mothers exclusively on this topic and collated them for you. So, here you go:

Light Exercise

Exercise not only makes you active, but it also helps you absorb all the prenatal vitamin and calcium supplements. It freshens up your metal sluggishness. Don’t forget that supple skin you will have after the increased blood circulation.

  • Join a prenatal Yoga class.
  • Walk for 15-20 minutes in the morning and evening/post-dinner.
  • Walk your dog, but caution is recommended.
  • Walk down to the shop for daily needs.
  • Walk your kid to school.

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Eating healthy, small, and frequently

Feeling hungry all the time during pregnancy is common, but don’t let it slow you down. Eat frequently at intervals of 2-3 hours but eat mindfully.

  • Eat fruits and nuts.
  • Eat fibrous food.
  • Eat green vegetables and salad.
  • Avoid oily and heavy food.
  • Avoid sour food or anything that promotes acidity.
  • Most important is water intake.
  • Keep junk in a corner.

Do not ignore the intimate time

Have fun with your husband, you are not ill, so stop lamenting the morning sickness, tiredness, and lethargy. All you need is to make a little effort and find the best time for private moments with your husband. Try these:

  • Go for a picnic
  • Babymoon is a fad now, plan one.
  • Go to your favorite movie, he can’t deny you one in this period.
  • Candlelight dinners—no one can say no to them, you bet on it.

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Take up a hobby

Remember, you always wanted to join the music class. Now is the time to use your leisure to cultivate your hobby. Ever found anything compelling as a hobby other than bungee jumping or scuba diving? Then try these:

  • Develop a green thumb. Dig your fingers in mud and see how refreshing it is.
  • Start writing a journal, you never know the precious moments you pen down today will become a treasure for the baby years later.
  • Join a book reading club, maybe you find an amazing new friend.
  • Why not invest energy in handmade decorative? Go, join a craft class. Or even better is, to exploit the youtube channels.
  • Learn anything which makes you happy and keeps you motivated.

Watch comedy

Smiling is good, when you laugh, the goodness doubles up. A smiling mother gives birth to a healthy baby that everyone is sure of. Isn’t it? So why not:

  • Watch a comedy movie or a romcom.
  • Watch a standup comedy on the youtube channel.
  • Read a humorous book or kids’ magazines and comic books.
  • Revisit old jokes, they sure will make you laugh.


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Cook light

Those of you out there with morning nausea and sickness almost every day would make faces for suggesting this. But wait, you too can have options:

  • Cook fireless – cold sandwiches, salad, cut fruits topped with cream, Cold coffee, etc.
  • Cook your favorite meal occasionally if your gut allows.
  • Try smokeless cooking which will not aggravate nausea.
  • Bake a cake to satiate your sweet tooth.

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There is no best time or the right moment to start gardening. It is natural, involves no extraneous work, and soothing to the mind. Also, the dose of sunshine vitamin you will get outdoors is an added advantage.

  • Pot some plants and saplings.
  • Weeding and watering are cheerful activities.
  • Sow seeds/saplings of the herbs like fenugreek, mint, coriander, and thyme as part of your kitchen garden.
  • A hanging flowering basket will ease your tiring day if put on your balcony.


Almost all of you must have grabbed a nice book about pregnancy and baby care. But don’t read it. No, don’t get me wrong. Don’t read it lying on the cosy bed or snuggled on your couch.

  • Walk to your nearest garden, sit on the green lawns or the secluded bench and then read.
  • Even better is to go to the pregnancy club of like-minded ladies and have fun reading and discussing. Isn’t group reading an amazing idea?
  • Even better if hubby dear reads it out to you, nothing would be more pampering than this.

Fatigue and lethargy are common during pregnancy but being active using our tips will definitely boost your energy levels. Have more tips to add? Hop on to the comment section and add your personal experiences.


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