Drinking Water Before Meals Helps Weight Loss

We all are aware that drinking water just before meals is a way to check food intake. The idea is when the stomach is filled with water you consume less food.

According to a study conducted by the American Chemical Society, drinking two glasses of water before a meal actually helps you lose weight. There is a theory that drinking cold water before meals helps weight loss. A study found that drinking 500 ml of water increased the test subject’s ‘ metabolism briefly and burnt 25 calories.

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According to a study, overweight individuals who drank 2 glasses of water before breakfast, lunch and dinner lost 5 pounds more than those dieters who did not increase their water intake before meals. This test group of dieters was able to sustain the weight loss even after a year. The dieters were allowed to have a balanced diet as per the calorific requirements for that age group. After 3 months, those dieters who had 16 ounces of water before every meal lost 15 pounds whereas those who did not drink water before meals lost 11 pounds. The reason for this could be simple- water fills the stomach, dilutes the stomach acids, and leaves one feeling less hungry. With less hunger, we tend to eat less, and hence there is weight loss. The dieters who drank water actually consumed 75 calories less than the nondrinkers. When calculated over the course of one year, this is a significantly lower calorific intake.

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The results of this study also stress the importance of replacing the sweetened drinks with plain water which often accompanies a meal.

While on a weight loss program, the body produces wastes by breaking down fat. Drinking enough water ensures that the wastes are flushed away. Elimination of toxins enables the body to function at optimum capacity as an additional benefit.

Drinking plenty of water will keep your body well hydrated and boosts metabolism. On drinking a glass of cold water, the body expends calories to bring it to the body temperature. 

Researchers also feel that drinking water entails additional physical activity– to move to the cooler to drink water and then to the bathroom to eliminate the wastes. Additional physical activity also aids the loss of weight.

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Consuming additional water during a weight loss program helps the body by cleansing the intestine and colon. While on a diet, it is likely that constipation may beset most dieters. Drinking more water is a good way of preventing and remedy for constipation.

The simple truth, therefore, is drinking water before a meal can make you less hungry and reduce calorie intake, leading to weight loss. This works only in middle-aged or older people. Research has confirmed that in those aged 18 to 35, drinking water before the meal did not cause them to eat less.

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