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Party Hairstyles For Beautiful Girls – Try It

Styling of hair is an essential part of your good looks. A hairstyle is a must even on a daily basis. Parties do require elegant clothes and makeup but the sharpness on your face comes only from your hair. So, a hairdo is a must. The styling of hair includes brushing, coloring, cutting, and giving a beautiful texture to your hair. Women have been seen styling their hair for a long time. Weaving their hairs into beautiful braids was a common hairstyle back then. With developing time, the decorations on the hair expanded, people started using metallic ornaments, flowers, beads, and other crafts to enhance the beauty of the hair. For round face women, hair plays an important part. If the hair is made properly, their face looks shorter and lighter and enhances their face cutting. The process includes smoothing, coloring of hair, adding extensions, and many other forms of styling.

Best Party Hairstyles for Girls

Now let’s have a look at some of the most amazing party hairstyles for round-faced girls.

1. Bold Curls and Hot Waves

Dump your daily bun. Just forget your pins and rubber band for a moment. Go along with the flow of your hair. Yes. you heard me right. Just let your hair open and let it be engrossed in big bossy curls Voluminous curls cover your side face and make you look more beautiful and in shape with your hair in place.

Bold Curls and Hot Waves

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2. Wavy Texture

Every time it is not possible to make up an amazing hairstyle. Especially, when it comes to a regular function like weekly kitty parties or weekly outings. For such events, the best hairstyle is a wavy hair-like texture. Waves never go out of trend. It always looks amazing and it just lets you be. It is an evergreen hairstyle for both fat and slim girls out there. Especially, plump girls and girls who run away from dressing up, this is the perfect solution for you.

Wavy Texture

3. Side braid with double weaving

Want to look beautiful without cutting or burning your hair? Too self-conscious to protect your hair? Here is the solution. Braiding your hair. It is not a simple braiding. Don’t you worry? In this hairstyle, a French braid is done towards the front side and continuing it backward, all the way to your neck. Make sure to use proper pins and to tight braiding. Make three shorter braids on the other side behind your ear. Here you go. Ready for a party.

Side braid with double weaving

4. Sharp High Pony

A sharp and high pony is the most comfortable and classy hairstyle. When there is a professional outgoing or a site visit or inauguration, it is the best hairstyle to go with. It will not need much of your attention and will keep you comfortable throughout the function. Apply serum or hair oil to just settle your twigs and roughs. The rest all is good.

Sharp High Pony

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5. Fish braided Ponytail

The classic ponytail to go with is the fishtail pony. It gives you a funky yet bold look. It’s a modern-day hairstyle. Most of the youngsters prefer this hairstyle these days. If you want a classier look, you can put up some colorful extensions. To be comfortable, go for some pins and a tight knot up.

Fish braided Ponytail

6. Twisted Bun

Buns are an all-time favorite. For some kind of professional events like felicitation ceremony or official meetups, it is the best hairdo one can wish for. Buns with a few locks give you a beautiful look. It also keeps you going with your work. It enables you to be free and focus completely on pure work without compromising on your looks.

Twisted Bun

7. Hairband of the braids

Hairbands are old these days. What is new is the bands made by the hair itself. For plump girls, this is a very appropriate hairstyle. It lets you get an open hair look with no disturbances on your face. Braids like French or anything covering your entire front hair looks awesome. Just try this once before thinking it to be a very obvious hairstyle, obviously, it is not.

Hairband of the braids

8. Knot at the Top

A perfect holiday look, simple and stylish, it’s a half knot. Some flowy waves with the freedom of a holiday, it gives you a different feel. Also, it is an appropriate hair dress for a New Year party or gets together. All that is needed is a tied up hair, tic-tac pins, and some good smoothing serums to give a classy look like that of a messy bun and flowy waves. Get a look with the fabulous hairstyle.

Knot at the Top

9. Fishtail Braid half

For a more exclusive style, fishtail braids are the best choice. The light feathery-like look is a special point about this. A comfy hairstyle for round-cut face girls out there. If you want to add more to its elegance, use some extra extensions, and blow-dry your hair. Use some good quality serum to get your tips settled. Nonetheless, get your hair colored. It would be like a cherry on the apple pie.

Fishtail Braid half

10. Short Hair Waves

Holiday looks along with a party look; it is an essential hairstyle. Ever seen Hollywood heroines giving a classy and bold look? It’s all because of the confidence they get from a classy hairdo. It makes them unique and different altogether. For round, tall or face cut, it is the best hairstyle to go with.

Short Hair Waves

Some Final Words

Looks are something very important. Come what may never compromise with your looks. It gives the first impression. It makes you feel more confident about yourself. It makes you presentable in front of anyone. Always choose a hairstyle according to the occasion. It is very important. Don’t go with a flowy and messy hairstyle for a party meeting obviously. The above-mentioned styles are the best picked-up hairstyles one could go for. Just give it a try.

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