Job Opportunities In Canada For Indians

Job Opportunities In Canada For Indians

In the past couple of decades, Canada has become the utmost preferred destination amongst immigrants from all across the globe. Especially in India it has been going around for a century. Student graduates in Indian most likely choose Canada as their desired working land. From all the backgrounds like doctors , engineers, or any other general labour associated jobs in Canada. The reason for Canada being the most liked choice would be their immigration policies and its derived benefits. Usually foreigners are attracted to Canada’s high standard of living, medical benefits, stunning geographical destination , security and safety over all. Along with its great employment opportunities being an added bonus. 

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Career prospects in Canada offers phenomenal opportunity for Indians. As Indians make up about 4% of Canada’s population, with most of them in working class constitutes a majority of Canadian jobs by Indians. You may find career prospects in Canada offering a secure earning opportunity over the next five to twelve years as employee will face skill shortage. According to CFIB’s latest survey published,  there are currently 430,300 job openings in the private sector, that will remain unfilled as employers are unable to find well-qualified potential employees. Leading to businesses investing more in the capital labour from the next year and redistributing the wages to the key roles in the respective companies. 

Now the million dollar question arises which Job opportunity is good for an Indian planning on immigrating to Canada? 

  1. Petroleum Engineer

The job in Canada for a petroleum engineer will require you to conduct studies of discovery, extraction,  production and distribution of fossil fuel deposits. You will get to  be involved in the complete development and planning of the life cycle of petroleum products. Although for this job you would obviously need an undergraduate in the field of petroleum science or any other field related to it. But you will find a high paying job in Canada for you degree. You can expect on average 208,000 CAD per year as an petroleum engineer .

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  1. Medical Surgeon or Doctor

Across the land, Canada is reputable for having the most efficient healthcare system, that is better than any other country. However there is a scarcity of doctors in ration to the number of people in the country. The doctor available per person is decreasing every day as the population increases. The current ration stands at around 3 doctors for every 1000 people, which can be considered low when compared to the ide healthcare standard.  With the lowering ratio the job opportunities for doctors and medical students from foreign lands is increasing in this country. Doctors, surgeons,  general practitioners as well as all kinds of Healthcare worker will find themselves in the midst of extremely high hiring job opportunities. The average salary would be 340,000 CAD per year for a Working surgeon in Canada. But as there is a dearth of health practitioners, government has increased the respective salaries for medical works as well. 

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  1. Dentist

Standing along with other healthcare practitioners, the job of a dentist is considered to be one of the most lucrative and prestigious work in Canada. According to the recent census  released, it is expected that there will arise more than 12000 new job vacancies for dentist by the year of 2028. As more than 7000 new jobs are being added each year. Because of this the deadline of high qualified dentists is increasing day by day in Canada, as expected it will lead to an upward trajectory in the salary of dentists as well. While today the average salary of a dentist settled in Canada can range between 293,000 CAD to 350,000 CAD per year.

  1. Psychiatrist 

A Psychiatrist might not be a popular job in India, but this trend couldn’t be more different then present in Canada. As a psychiatrist on an average makes approximately 250000 to 290000 CAD per year in Canada. So being the one who treats all the mental diseases and disorders of every kind might not seem such a  bad idea in this country. A psychiatrist is qualified to counsel his patients and prescribe the necessary medicines when required. You will have to complete your graduation of course, to become a certified psychiatrist in Canada or in any other country. You will be required to give a test in the field of psychiatry in the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons as to qualify for practicing as a professional psychiatrist. The salary in this field is also increasing every year so becoming a psychiatrist in Canada will assure a Stable and high income.

  1. Marketing Manager 

As a marketing manager, your responsibilities include the brand image of the company you work for as well as all the produxt products and services it offers. As you may need to understand and plan different promotions in order to enhance the brand awareness and your company’s reputation. You can expect an earning of 195,000 to 200,000 CAD every year on an average, hence provided a job stability. The degree you will need in order to become a marketing manager will be any kind of masters in marketing management.

  1. Pilot

Becoming a pilot might be a dream come true for many individuals, your responsibilities will include flying a government aviation services or private jets for the rich and famous.  You can also opt for flying the commercial Aeroplanes which also offers great income. Depending on the services you choose to fly for you salary will majorly depend on it. As there is a constant demand of pilots in Canada you can easily earn around 200000 CAD per annum.

  1. Information Technology Manager

With technology evolving at a high pace worldwide, IT is considered one of the fastest growing segment of jobs in Canada as well. It has severely become the attention grabber career path for many foreigners and immigrants in Canada. The business-friendly environment and policies of Canada, has welcomed a lot of giant companies like Microsoft Google Facebook and Amazon to establish their head quarter centers in Canada. Owing to this fast expansion in the field IT, Canada ‘s tech sector has attained the title of “the fastest growing industry in the country”. In 2018 Canada ‘s economic capital Toronto created more jobs than Seattle, Washington DC , San Francisco Bay Area combined. In fact Toronto has beaten New York in ranking of talent markets.

With the booming technological landscape and rising multinational company, development and programming skills are in demand higher than ever in Canada. As an IT Manager, your duty comprises coming up with strategies and effecting solutions in regards to research management and development of the IT related sector. As there is a high demand and opening vacancies in the IT sector you can expect a pay of 200,000 CAD to 210,000 CAD each year. Although, your actual salary could increase depending on the share price of your company in the market as well the field of sector you work in. With the emerging technologies like Artificial intelligence, analytics,  security, agile delivery and cloud services etc. You have the option to choose which suits your passion the best.

So, If you are an Indian students or a graduate aspiring to achieve a secured high paying job in your favourites western land of Canada, you must decipher a few things for your benefits. First of all it’s important that you stick with your degree. No matter what your major was in your institution you can find a relevant job in Canada according to it. Here are the highest paying Canadian jobs that you can find in association with your degree. But for reference these are the highest paying occupations in Canada you can seek if you are aspiring on immigrating to Canada from India.

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