Hair Extensions For Thin Hair

Hair Extensions For Thin Hair

For those who have thin hair, it is possible to create a camouflage of a bulky and substantial mane.  The options are many, catering to different requirements of the users.  You have some hair extensions that use bonding glue to attach to your hair, while there are others that use unique interlocking threaded systems to hold on the hair extensions.

Hair extensions generally last from two to six months.  Some extensions can be re-used while others need to be removed after they get detached from your hair.  Consult your hair stylist to know which type of hair extension will suit you best before opting for one.

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Types of hair extensions

The several hundred varieties of hair extensions can be broadly classified into four main groups.

Loose: Hair from a donor is processed and sold as an extension.  This kind of hair extension is available in bulk.
Weft:  This relatively lengthy hair extension (about 40 inches) can be attached to hair by sewing it together at the top
Strands: Hair that is pre-linked is available with keratin glue at the attaching end.  Keratin (a structural protein like that found in skin and nails) glue is capable of re-tipping and re-bonding hair.
Skin weave: Hair extensions sold as strands are also called skin weave or skin weft.  Transparent tape that works on both sides is used to attach this kind of extension.

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Hair Extensions For Thin Hair Parents Talks

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Keratin attachments

There are different ways in which hair extensions can be attached to your hair.  The various types of keratin adhesives or attachments can be listed as

  1. Keratin glue – this is available and sold as granules.  Take an electric keratin pot and melt the granules.  Dip the strand of hair that is to be attached and stick it to the real hair, before the glue solidifies
  2. Keratin tips – The tips are placed at the end of the strand, melted, and then attached in the appropriate position.  This kind of attachment helps you accord the right amount of thickness with the extension and it also facilitates any type of coloring for the hair, you want to go in for.  Based on the nature of your hair growth, this extension can last from 12 to 24 weeks
  3. Glue gun sticks – When the keratin stick is inserted into the glue gun, it melts.  This liquid form of keratin is smeared to the tip of the extension hair, which is then attached to the hair that needs an extension.

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Precautions for hair extensions

  • Some hair extensions require you to coat your hair with the glue that attaches the extension.  You have to be careful that this glue does not contain those ingredients that may cause harmful side effects to both skin and hair
  • It is important to be aware that hair extensions are temporary techniques to add bulk and/or length to your hair.  Extensions last for some months, the duration depending on the growth of your hair
  • Human hair extensions are quite bulky.  If they are attached to hair that is already damaged that will, in all probability, lead to more damage to your hair and even permanent hair loss.  In contrast, synthetic hair is lighter – weighing about 1/3 as much as human hair

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