Best Hair Color Mousse

Hair color mousse essentially covers grey.  Hair mousse was extremely popular three decades ago and still continues to have a good demand for its different applications.  The foamy substance in the mousse lends an eye-catching shine to the hair when applied besides adding volume and fullness.  Color mousse lends the desired shade to your hair, besides conditioning it.

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Mousse is generally applied when the hair is wet and helps you groom it by smoothening out the tangles.  Hair color mousse is safe and convenient to use.  Hair color mousse sometimes contains alcohol.  Though this ingredient does not do much harm to normal and oily hair, the alcohol content is not advised for those with dry hair.  If you have dry hair then check the ingredients on the label and choose those products that contain natural conditioners rather than alcohol.

Mousse products, today, also contain a sun protection formula.  Some temporary hair color mousse products contain ingredients that tone the hair and prevent hair color applied from fading away rapidly. Some of the common ingredients found in hair color mousse are lanolin, behentrimonium chloride, and methylparaben.

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Lanolin helps seal moisture within the hair and prevents hair from drying up and appearing frizzy.  Behentrimonium chloride helps reduce the static in hair and acts as a disinfectant for the hair.  Methylparaben is known for both its antifungal and preservative properties.  Other substances that may be used instead of methylparaben are butyl-, ethyl- or propylparaben.

The hair coloring ingredient in mousse is temporary hair dye.  Hair color mousse is very easy to apply and one of the more convenient ways to change hair color. Other ingredients found in hair color mousse are:


Fatty tissue either plant or animal-based is called lecithin.  Lecithin in mousse helps to thin it down and makes its consistency convenient for application.  Because of its presence, hair color mousse can be spread evenly on the hair, both on its surface and on the inner strands.


As the name suggests this is an extract from lemon peel and other citrus fruits and is responsible for the characteristic clean fruity fragrance of the mousse.  Limonene is also added to aftershaves, shampoos, dishwashing products, fabric softeners, and soaps.  The substance is known to have anti-bacterial properties too. 

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This is the alcohol derivative of pantothenic acid (Vitamin B5). It is included in mousse because of its moisturizing properties.  Panthenol allows for the mousse to have a smoothening effect on your hair.  It is an FDA-approved substance that is beneficial to sensitive skins too.  It has a positive effect on damaged hair, repairs it, and helps reduce split ends.


Dimethicone is an important industrial polymer that is silicone based. It is an oil, which is usually added as an ingredient in hair mousse, in order to help remove tangles and adds luster to your hair.  Dimethicone is also an important ingredient in hair conditioners and skin protection products.  

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