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Best Hair Color Guidance And Tips

Sometimes, it so happens that you are unable to visit a beauty care clinic for hair color.  The reason could be that you did not have the requisite time and money.

It is for these occasions that you need to know how to color your hair expertly.  Here are some tips.


  • Shampoo your hair and complete the wash by using a superior-quality conditioner
  • A good conditioner contains a sunscreen that helps keep the hair color longer
  • After 2/3 days, the oil within surfaces on the scalp; this oil helps keep your skin safe from chemical reactions
  • Don’t brush hair vigorously; use a wide-toothed comb to untangle strands gently
  • Remove knots from the lower part of the hair and work your way upwards to the scalp
  • The oils also help the hair color to set effectively
  • Do not blow dry your hair; instead, dry it by blotting the moisture.  Avoid rubbing your hair vigorously too because this will deprive your hair of moisture and create static

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Selecting hair color

  • For at-home coloring select semi-permanent rather than permanent colors
  • For best results, choose a color that is neither two shades darker nor two shades lighter than the actual color of your hair
  • If you choose a color that is totally unlike the natural color of the hair, get the coloring done professionally
  • For covering grey, choose a color one shade darker than the natural hair color
  • There are websites that offer you the online choice of colors and also help you choose the appropriate one with user-friendly options

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Getting ready

  • You will need a clock to set the time, a mirror and some hairclips, 
  • Practice holding a part of your hair in one hand and using any applicator with the other hand
  • Wear gloves while you practice
  • Simulate the movements of coloring hair from root to tips
  • Change into an old shirt
  • Keep beside you some towels and cloth pieces that you don’t mind getting rid of, in case they are stained with hair color

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The coloring procedure

  • Apply a moisturizer on the boundary of the hairline; this will protect your face from being stained with color.  However, if the moisturizer reaches the roots of the hair, coloring that portion will be a clumsy affair
  • Prepare the hair color mixture as directed
  • Divide hair into five or six sections; apply color to one area and pin it out of the way while you move on to the next section
  • Follow application directions as mentioned on the product packing
  • Maintain the time interval mentioned; if you keep on the color for a longer time, your hair shade may become darker than what you desire.

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