Best Baby Sippers

Develop The Best Eating Habits with The Best Baby Sippers

When your little one is growing up, you witness several changes in his/her drinking and eating habits. One of them is especially when they take a step ahead from feeding bottles and are too small to handle drinking from a glass. Between these two stages, babies are given waters using sippers. Ideally, when the babies start to sit, it is said that instead of feeding bottles, sippers should be inculcated into their habits.

Initially, babies should be made to drink with sipper at least one time of the day, whereas later on adding them into their routine. So to minimize your mess and making your work easier, below we provide you a list of baby sippers available online, for your toddler.

Philips Avent Classic Soft Spout Cup

Now, there’s no need for your house to get messy whenever your toddler tries to drink from a cup by himself or herself. This sippy cup has soft-touch trainer handles and a non-spill valve, so not only will your young one be able to grip this cup firmly, he or she won’t dirty up your floor while drinking from it either. Whenever your toddler tilts this sippy cup to drink water from it, there won’t be any leakage at the spout, thanks to its non-spill design. Your child won’t have to lean his or her head back too much while trying to drink from this cup as it features an angled spout. So, your kid will develop a more natural neck position. The soft-touch trainer handles make it easy for your kid to hold and lift this sippy cup whenever he or she feels like having a sip of water.


Baby Station Babies Drinking Straw Bottle Sippy Cup

This Baby Drinking Sippy Bottle is quite clear and easily comes into the baby’s little hands. It is ergonomically designed for easy grip and keeps water, fruit juices, milk, etc., and also can be kept in the refrigerator. It withstands temperatures in the range of -20 to 110 degrees Celsius. Easy to use – just fill the bottle with the baby drinks and close it with the leak-proof lid with straw. Just flip up the lid to pop out the straw and sip. Slide it down to close. Durable & Hygienic Plastic material does not retain odors/foul smell in the bottle. The leak-proof design keeps the drinks from spilling out. It is easy to wash and clean. Safe for kids to use.


Mee Mee No Spill Sipper Cup with Double Handle

Your baby is growing up and fast. This means feeding will include more than milk. Mee Mee no spill sipper cup makes this stage a joy for both your baby and you to enjoy a variety of soups, juices, and other essential liquid foods without any worry. Continuous use results in easy training to drink from a cup in just a few weeks. The unique non spill function keeps the liquid inside the bottle is in a slanted or sleeping position. This also makes it ideal for travel and easy to carry in your bag.

Beebaby Twin Handle Hard Spout Sipper

Our Sippy Cups are the perfect choice to transition your baby from drinking from bottles to cups. The two handles provide a great grip and are comfortable for your baby to hold on to. The silicone spout is gentle on your baby’s gums and the spill-proof design means that there is no mess to clean up later. Our Sippy Cups are 100% BPA Free and come in two attractive and fun colors – Purple with Pink & Blue with Green.


Baby Boo Two Handle Cup

Baby boo Training Cup which is designed to help your child gradually get the habit of drinking thick liquids from spout cup sippers and enjoy different liquids with which the child will be tasting different flavors of juices, milkshakes, and many other healthy drinks with more ease rather than only sticking to the feeding bottles.


Pur Insulated Cup with Moulded Spout


Insulated Straw Cup designed to support child development according to this age. The child will have more activities; enjoy learning things, sound, color, and picture. This product comes to enjoy a cool drink with sound and play. Shake it to get sound. You can rest assured that this sippy cup’s components will be safe and sound even after you clean them in a dishwasher. Thanks to the hygiene cap, dirt won’t find its way inside the cup and the spout will stay in a sanitary condition.


Twin Handle Dholphin Non-Spill Sipper Cup

This twin handle Sipper is made from the highest quality food-grade material. Designed to make the transition from the bottle easier, this sipper makes feeding easy and hassle-free. The included cap is provided to cover the spout when not in use and to keep the area clean for the next feed. This sipper helps to improve the baby’s drinking patterns and promotes convenient and trouble-free switching from the bottle.


Morisons Baby Dreams Safari Insulated Straw Sipper

The double-wall insulated cup is ideal for a baby’s transition from a bottle to a cup. The insulated non-spill soft sipper with its colorful two-in-one cup design not only keeps liquid fresh & cool but also helps protect furniture from a sweating cup. This cup features a soft sipper that is gentle to a child’s tender gums & emerging teeth.


Mee Mee Twin Handle Non-spill Feeding Cup

All Mee Mee sippers and cups are carefully made to the highest safety standards. And sippers and cups are made of food-grade material complied with FDA. The Non-Spill Cup is designed to make the first stage of drinking a comfortable experience for the baby.  The protective cover seals thoroughly ensuring maximum hygiene.  The non-spill soft sip spout encourages a comfortable transition from that to cup as the baby develops and helps to avoid spills providing reassurance for mum.  Comes with a twin handle. Comes with dust-free cover.  Wash before and after initial use and each subsequent use.


Tupperware Straw Tumbler

Teach your child to self-feed at an early stage with this straw tumbler from Tupperware. It will help him drink juice and water with ease. This bottle is designed for little hands to hold it comfortably. Without the hassles of unscrewing caps, your child can flip open the lid and drink from the bottle. The straw is attached to the lid to help drink from it comfortably. It is made from a food-grade plastic material that is BPA-free to ensure your child’s health. This tumbler can be washed easily in the dishwasher. Also, the lower part of the straw can be detached for easy cleaning.

Pigeon Mag Mag Straw Cup with Handle Orange

Pigeon Mag Mag Straw Cup features a cross cut design at the end of the straw to make sure the liquids in it does not spill even if the cup is toppled. The bent straw design makes sure that your child is able to drink until the last drop. The BPA free materials make it a safe option. The Mag Mag cup is designed to promote the natural drinking habits for your baby simply with a change in the cup top Promotes step by step oral development.


Baby Station Kids Water Bottle & Sipper

The Little’s water bottle is suitable for storing cool water. Since all parts of this bottle are detachable, it is easy to take apart and clean. To ensure the safety of your kid, the straw is made of flexible material that does not hurt your baby’s soft gums. Featuring a flip-flop cover, this Little’s water bottle ensures that the straw is clean and free from unwanted elements. The design of the bottle makes it easy for a child to hold.


Disney Mickey Mouse Plastic Sipper Bottle

3-D Mickey Mouse ear cap form the cap of this bottle canteen that’s great for active adventurers on-the-go. Minnie Mouse screen art lightweight water bottle with rollback opening. Ideal for kids. It is 100 percent BPA free and food grade. Wash thoroughly before first use. It is hand washable and it’s BPA-free plus food grade. Not intended for use with hot beverages, plastic polypropylene.


Little’s Non-Spill Magic Cup

Make feeding fun and fuss-free with Little’s Non-Spill Magic cup. These feeding cups come with a unique one-way silicone valve that prevents spillage and leakage and can be used to feed your baby juices, milk, and much more without any leakage. It is made from Printed Polycarbonate (PC) Material that can be sterilized by boiling. Unique one-way silicone valve that prevents spillage and leakage. Comes with a valve that helps your child to regulate the flow of liquid to the mouth. BPA Free. Made from printed polycarbonate or food-grade polypropylene material. Helps in improving coordination between hands and mouth. Can be sterilized by boiling.


Mee Mee 2 In 1 Spout/Straw Training cup

All Mee Mee sippers and cups are carefully made to the highest safety standards and sippers and cups are made of food-grade material complied with FDA. The Non-Spill Cup makes drinking easy and hassle-free for babies. Made of food-grade material, complies with FDA. The protective cover seals completely, ensuring utmost hygiene. All parts are made of non-toxic, BPA free polypropylene plastic. Non-spill with dust-free cover. Soft silicone spout for hassle-free drinking. Concave bottle sides for easy handling. It is convenient to use, carry, and clean.



This was the complete list of baby sippers, for your growing toddler. Baby sippers are not only easy to use but are the best time to take an approach in trying to remove their feeding bottle habit. So, why wait? Get your little one these cool baby sippers and watch them grow in their feeding habits.  


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