Perfect Weight Loss Plans

If you are trying to lose weight and have done a quick Internet search of possible diets, plans, or programs, the chances are you feel overwhelmed. The sheer amount of products and plans offered, which span from dietary supplements and products for replacing whole meals to rather complex surgical procedures, makes it almost impossible for someone with no experience in the subject to choose the one that would best suit their needs. Here we will present some of the most common weight loss plans, especially those that have produced results for many people.

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One of the weight loss plans that is becoming more and more common is the detox diet. The idea is that by following this kind of diet, your body will get rid of toxins and fat accumulated over the years. The concept is very interesting and it really works. Detox diets can be simple or complicated, but all of them include drinking lots of water (which is what helps your body cleanse itself). There are diets that allow no solid food, while others are more flexible.

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Another kind of plan that you can follow to lose weight is the raw food diet. In the strictest version of this diet, all the food you eat must be raw. Raw food you can eat includes all fruits and vegetables, sprouts, nuts, grains, and seeds. If you would like more options, then you could include whole-wheat bread rolls, fish, and chicken. This diet works because the number of carbohydrates is drastically reduced at the same time that you incorporate more fiber into your diet. This leads naturally to weight loss.

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Then there are the commercial plans, like Jenny Craig’s, Weight Watchers, or many others. These plans work because they include personal weekly visits with a team of experts that is there to support you all the way until you reach your goal. Some of these plans offer the convenience of pre-packed lunches, while others offer power snacks that help you slim down. Some are super strict, while others are more lenient and let you enjoy an occasional bar of chocolate. All the steps you take are closely monitored by the team of experts and also by yourself since in some plans you are taught to keep a food diary where you are encouraged to write down what you eat, when, and even why.

Other weight loss plans highlight the use of products that replace whole meals. They commonly come in the shape of shakes and include nutrients and vitamins. They are especially suitable for people who crave sweet foods when on a diet. They give you a sense of fulfillment, with a few extra calories!

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The vast majority of weight loss plans have something in common, however: exercise. Physical activity is a must in order to speed up the weight loss process. The amount and intensity of exercise vary with each plan, but a good medium would be three half-hour exercise periods of moderate intensity. Doctors agree on this and claim that walking is one of the best exercises to try at first. Walk at a brisk pace for thirty minutes, three times a week, eat a healthy diet (no matter which plans you choose), and you are sure to lose weight!

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