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As first time parents, it seems overwhelming to browse for baby and toddler toys. One has a number of options for kids above 5 years. Like scooters, bikes, building blocks and other learning toys. However, finding for your little one is a difficult task. Since you need to take care of various aspects, like it should be paraben free. As toddlers have the habit to put everything they get hold of in their mouth.

There are certain other aspects too. Keeping them into consideration, we have sorted out some baby and toddler toys for your babies. You can find these toys very easily online.


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  1. Touch and Feel Playbook

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Touch and Feel Playbook (The Very Hungry Caterpillar), the youngsters’ photo book whose subject displayed the change of an unflattering caterpillar to a strange butterfly was a moment seethe. The book likewise talks about a butterfly’s life cycle. They fancy apt answers when they have something to discuss, or have questions in regard to different angles that strike a prompt associate.

  1. Funskool Twirlly Whirlly Turtle

It is safe to say that you are searching for a toy to convey heaps of bliss to your little baby? Funskool toys are the perfect decision for your children. Funskool Twirlly Whirlly Turtle is a dazzling toy to expedite a charming grin the little one’s face. Little children maturing over 9 months consider this toy as a fascinating thing to play with constantly. The turtle has a shell of appealing splendid yellow shading, which adds a considerable measure to the by and large the presence of the toy.

  1. Vibgyor Vibes Toys

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Bath Buddies toys are an arrangement of 12 alluring toys which make clamor when they are squeezed in their tummy which would leave your children occupied with these charming characters. Charming characters will help teach children the names of animals at the same time. These toys would skim in water. They are best for babies as they make a sound when crushed and their ideal shape and size for little hands to hold and press.

  1. Funskool Soft Ball

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This infant delicate ball from Funskool is anything but difficult to keep up and is produced using machine clean washable material for simple support. The ball is to a great degree lightweight and enables your child to enhance body quality while moving around with it. This toy is preferable for babies from 3 to two years, and the experience of watching your children play with this stylishly made delicate ball is truly extremely valuable.

  1. Peppa Pig: Marvellous Magnet Book

It is vital to acquaint little youngsters with the universe of books. It is difficult to manage kids, so we should be watchful in presenting them to another beautiful world. Peppa Pig: Marvelous Magnet book is intended for three to six years of age kids. In this way, the book comprises of attractive stickers and the youngsters are made a request to utilize the attractive characters to finish the photo confound.

  1. Funskool Activity Ball

The Funskool movement ball is a fun method for instructing various aptitudes to your little child. It should be amassed before your child can begin playing with it. The toy has 12 separable sections in various shades and you can utilize them to show shading names to your little one. You can likewise urge your child to put comparable hued portions of this movement ball for kids together and coordinate hues and shapes.

  1. Intex Inflatable Baby Pool

The bright Intex Sunset Glow Baby Pool gives hours of water fun at home. This pool has around 18 gallons of water limit and can easily fit children on its inflatable air pocket pillar floor. Its three-equivalent inflatable, shaded rings can just add to the good times. Make your child’s showering time more beautiful and let them have fun in water under the sun in summers.

  1. Funskool Roly Poly Turtle

The Funskool Roly Poly turtle is a charming toy for little children who have simply figure out how to meander. The Roly Poly turtle toy will turn into your child’s indistinguishable friend right away at all as it is connected with a string that can be utilized for pulling it along. Little wheels are appended to it to make it simple for your baby to pull it. This toy is suggested for kids more than a year of age.

  1. Toy Zone Wooden Assembling Farm Animal 3D Puzzle Sorter Blocks Set

Kids can have a fabulous time playing with this  Wooden Animal Solitaire Domino Set. It connects with them in more imaginative methods for playing with this Wooden Domino Tiles. Made of lightweight characteristic wood, they have magnificent hued toon creature representations on them to energize kids. It is preferred for kids ages 3+ years.

  1. Funskool Walk ‘N Drive Truck

This Funskool Walk N Drive Truck is a multi-shaded truck that is to a great degree helpful for babies who are simply figuring out how to walk. Funskool has thought of many energizing infants strolling toys and the Funskool Walk N Drive Truck is a current expansion to that rundown. Truck toys for kids support the creative ability aptitudes of your little one. The kid can without much of a stretch clutch the guiding haggle how to walk. This Funskool Walk N Drive truck are amazing for kids who are between the ages of 1 and 2 years.

  1. Happy Xylophone + Piano Musical Toy with 2 Mallets for Children Kids Toddlers

This will most likely be your child is first melodic toy – The Happy Xylophone with Piano. The Bright Bold Colors will draw in your kid and it will give out fresh sounds when squeezed. They can get the match of hammers and strike the xylophone bars to make sweet melodic notes. This melodic toy is made with 100% Non-Toxic material and is alright for your kid to deal with uncovered hands.

  1. Funskool Chain Links

Funskool Chain joins is a standout amongst the most educative and fun toy for your kid in age ranging in 1 year or more. It additionally enhances the engine aptitudes and enables the youngster to get a handle on things speedier. It has an ability to pull in kids and learn greatest with the assistance of it. It is a fun toy for kids wherein they can associate and separate the chains and furthermore take in the hues with essential checking. This will expand the child’s fixation in whatever they do.

  1. Wooden Toys Wooden Dress-up Girl Puzzle Shape Board Game

This Wooden Puzzle board contains a young lady cut-out and wooden squares of garments and shoes with which to dress her up. Test your dressing sense and place the squares of shirts with coordinating pants and shoes. Enhance dressing sense, shading sense and shape coordinating aptitudes in developing children and youngsters. It is made of the best quality wood and perfect for 1-5 year olds. Young lady cut-out on the wooden board with blocks of clothes and shoes. dress her up with matching shirt, pants, and shoes.

  1. Funskool Nesting Eggs

Keep your newborn children engaged and connected with all during that time by giving them Funskool Nesting Eggs. It contains a cluster of five dismantle eggs that are to be settled. The eggs are sufficiently vivid to snatch the consideration of the children. This game is apt for the little children. The best certainty about these settling eggs is that they are made by utilizing non-harmful plastic. Breaking and making the eggs enable the children to have a superior comprehension of various sizes and shapes.

The age of toddlers, is the age where they learn to speak, walk, play, and do their own playing stuff. So, their toys should be that they are able to learn small things easily and also does not harm them. So, the toys should be mostly soft and light too.


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