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Best And The Safest Birth Control Methods

There are various types of birth control methods that have been in vogue. Some methods that are used are surgical methods while the others are non-surgical methods. The choice of a particular method depends upon the choice of the couple based on the advice provided by a doctor. Some methods rely upon the changes that happen in the body of a female while others are not dependent upon it.

Before deciding upon a particular birth control method, some of the following factors need consideration: the general health of the couple, the side effects of the various methods, and whose side effects can be managed by the couple in addition to how effective each method is. It is important to follow the advice of the doctor and take care not to flout the norms. It is true that all methods have a failure rate but the rate is minimal. Follow all precautions and do not be the cause for the failure of the birth control method.

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The methods that are generally used have been listed here for reference:

  1. Natural Family Planning method or Rhythm Method 
  2. Abstinence
  3. Permanent/semi-permanent methods i.e. devices that can be implanted
  4. Methods that rely upon hormones
  5. Barrier Methods
  6. Emergency methods 


What works best for one couple may not work for another. As abstinence can save a person from infections that can be transmitted by a partner, it should be used as much as possible along with the other suitable methods. The principle used by Barrier Methods is to avoid contact during the days when a woman is known to be very fertile. This relies upon the woman’s fertility cycle. To use such a method, the woman has to know about the days of the cycle. She has to track her symptoms and using this information, it is possible to obtain the best effectiveness. Some couple has a feeling that surgical birth control methods are best and so adopt it.

Many couples use birth control pills as the pills help in suppressing the function of the ovaries. Some pills reduce the number of periods that a woman experiences during a year. As pills can cause side effects, as a general rule, doctors do not recommend them for older women. Usage of pills is also not recommended for women who have histories of various types of cancers. Also, women whose blood has the tendency to clot are also not suitable candidates for the birth control pill. Pills may lose their effectiveness when the woman is already under some kind of medication or the other.

You must try a method and if the side effects bother you too much, you must try another one. Surgical methods have some risks associated with them too. Sudden changes in blood pressure and body weight must be taken into consideration. This is because they can be caused by the intake of the birth control pill. The Rhythm method does not have any side effects.

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