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Learn about Some Best and Safe Baby Products

In the matter of baby care products, Johnson and Johnson, Dabur, Pampers, Pigeon and Himalayas have always won an edge over other companies. The scenario is such, in India people have a false notion about Pampers and Huggies as diapers and are unaware of the wide range of other products which are being manufactured by these two renowned companies.

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Before making your final purchase of the baby product make sure that you research about the most appropriate store to buy from. As per your choice and convenience, you can choose online as well as offline modes. Now let’s have a look at some of the most trusted websites which are selling safest baby care products:

  1. First cry baby and kids shopping (
  2. Amazon (
  3. Babyoodles (
  4. Munchkinz (
  5. Babies bloom store (
  6. Infibeam (
  7. Kidsstoppress (
  8. Flipkart (

An allusion: if you belong to a metropolis or live in the heart of the city, you can prefer using any one of the above-mentioned websites. Living in the outskirts of the city brings the problem of delivery of products. So, in that case, you may prefer Amazon, Flipkart or first cry. Starting from the very beginning, all parents try to provide their baby with the best care. Nowadays, parents have a greater inclination towards organic and natural products rather than having a chemical obsession. Babies have 20 times softer skin as compared to adults. Thus 20 times better care is a must. Babies require a varied range of products like food, milk, diapers (most important), skincare, body massage oil, supplements, bottles, nipples, toys, teethers, toothbrushes, etc.

Here is a list of safe and best baby products available online:

Baby food:

At the age of six months, the baby starts with its small solid meal and then the amount and variety of food intake increases. This meal contains the exact amount of nutrients and minerals which are required for the growth and development of the muscles and the bones of the child. Some great products available in the market are:

  • Nestle Cerelac Khichdi

Price: Rs.220

Net weight: 300 gm

Age group: 8 months and above

This product is a wholesome diet for the baby apart from milk. A good blend of flavour ensures acceptance by the baby. Gets easily digested. The ingredients are completely natural and do not contain any artificial flavouring substances. Nestle is a well-known brand and follows all the norms provided by UNICEF for baby products thus has one of the largest markets.

  •  Nestle Lactogen Milk powder

Price: Rs.314 (a round figure for all age groups)

Net weight: 400 gm

This product is a high-quality spray dried milk powder. Easy to use with no side effects. Natural Ingredients like whey protein, lactose, skimmed milk powder, vegetable oil, maltodextrin make up this wonderful product. If it is Nestle, it is safe for your baby.

  • Tiny spoons organic Baby food puree

Price: Rs.190

Net weight: 120 gm.

Babies who do not like eating fruits or those who are too small are incapable of doing so, anyhow require the super nutrients contained in fruits, this product comes to their rescue. It is 100% organic and contains real puree packed in airtight packs with preservatives in it and that too is harmless. Contains no concentrate and is approved by FSSAI.

  • Firsts solids Organic porridge-rice

Price: Rs. 55

Net weight: 300 gm

Age group: 6-24 months

Natural food rejoices the tummy of the babies. Hunger and nutrition, both are sufficed by this product. No nature-identical chemicals added. Good food with fewer burdens on your pocket. And all it brings is good health to your baby.

Diapers and wipes:

A newborn is completely dependent on the parent for sanitation and health. So parents need to be cautious with their hygiene. Diapers are a boon to this problem. There are both reusable and disposable diapers available. Earlier only disposable diapers by PAMPERS were available but with the increasing need for sustainable development in the manufacturing process, reusable diapers are having a great market today. Some of the baby diapers and wipes are mentioned below:

  • Paw-Paw reusable diaper

Price: Rs.183.20.

Best buy:

This is a reusable and cheap babies’ diaper. These are daily use diapers and are not irritating to the skin. Soft on skin and can be disposed with a lot of ease.

  • Himalaya soothing baby wipes

Price: Rs.156.00

Quantity: 72 wipes.

Daily use of diapers and cloth can cause a negative impact on the baby’s skin leading to rashes. Himalayan wipes have Lavender and Aloe Vera which helps in curing these rashes in a short time. The antimicrobial property prevents any fungal or bacterial infection.


Teethers play a very important role in helping the teeth to grow healthy. Also, it helps in maintaining the white coat of the enamel and ensure the healthy development of gums. They also take care of the gum and helps in removing the plague from the mouth. Some of the famous teethers are given below:

  • Organic teethers, gentle teething wafers

Price: Rs.324.37

With growing age, the teeth begin to grow. As the teeth want to extrude out the gums the baby gets a weird sensation in gums and thus looks out for chewing anything it gets. Teethers are developed for the same purpose. This inhibits the intake of germs by the baby. The USP of this brand is ‘Healthy teeth will bring a Healthy smile’.

Skin Care Products

Baby’s soft skin needs a lot of care. Johnson & Johnson Company is undoubtedly the best brand providing the safest and purest care. It is a W.H.O. certified company and can provide your baby experience as soft a feather’s touch. There are a plethora of products produced by Johnson  & Johnson such as soaps, shampoos, baby cream, hair oil, massage oil and many more. Now it depends on you to choose which product brand will be most suitable for the skin of your baby and to give the best care you can.

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