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How to Know About the best age gap between kids

Children play an important role in the life of their parents. They are the seeds which are continuously nurtured and developed with love, care, affection, and moral values, Planning to have children is one of the major decisions of family planning. It is advisable that the father and the mother must plan the second child with at least 3 years of age gap in order to have a successful healthy growth of the baby and for the well being of the mother.

Poor decision making and underdeveloped mindset of the parents are the two factors that might lead to unsuccessful childbirth and growth. It is advisable that both the parents must consult the doctor and plan their children’s development accordingly in order to avoid any complications. Also, the mother must be surrounded in a healthy, happy and positive environment for mental upliftment of the unborn and the dad must be responsible enough to take care of his family.

Now, let’s have a look at some of the key points that all the parents should keep in mind regarding the age gap between their children. Some of them are as follows:

The perfect timing:

There is no such timing that can be said perfect to have a second baby or undergo the second pregnancy, The timing should be actually what suits you well. It all depends on the fact that is you and your family ready to take care of the child. Also, there is advantages and disadvantages attached to each timing whether it would be a two-year gap, three-year or more than it.

No one can say that there would not be any complications or there would a more healthy relationship between children with a particular age gap.

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A gap of 12 to 18 months between the siblings:

When children are of very close age there are chances that they fight among themselves such less and also understand each other much better and can solve our problems with each other.

Moreover, the other advantage is for the parents who need not go one’s again in the parenting infant stage again and all the work sacrifice can be done during a particular period.

Although there is a chance that in case of getting pregnant in such a small gap can tire her out, affect her health, she might have not finished breastfeeding for the first child and has to focus on the other child. Also, the children have a tendency to learn more from their mother, carrying two children can result in back problem from tiredness.

Having a two year age gap:

The two-year gap can be trouble in the initial years of motherhood and fatherhood because of your older child would develop a tendency to say no and the younger is to deal with much baby care. Also, the rivalry is the peak between the siblings that have two years of gap between them.

But later on, when these siblings grow up they develop a very good understanding and help each other, reducing the burden of the parents.

A gap of three years and older:

In such kind of age gap, there is no problem of rivalry between the children rather the older one as well settled, has got all the love of his parents, is not at all insecure and is ready to include a new member into the family.  Also, the mother has recovered from the first pregnancy now and therefore her body is ready to undergo changes again. And also by this time parents are ready to perform their duty of motherhood and fatherhood.

Although the only disadvantage of this age gap is that, children would play that well with each other in their initial years but later on they mingle well. Also for parents, the disadvantage would be that they have to go through the baby care routine all over again, which becomes so hectic, to keep your work life side again one more time.

Your own decision:

Don’t push on to have another child because of the decisions or pressure of other people, as the first child was your personal decision, it was your personal decision to undergo pregnancy similarly it should be your decision along with your husband when to undergo a second pregnancy.

Because there may be a chance that you are content with the first child and do not want to go for the other one and keep a nuclear family or wish to look after your work life. In such cases, if you have a child under someone’s else pressure you not be able to give good baby care and succumb yourself to depression during the second pregnancy.

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Questions you need to ask yourself:

Before going for a second pregnancy make sure that you have answers to all the questions in your mind and consider all the circumstances. The baby would require parents care, did you have enough time to devote to a second child? Are you ready to undergo a second pregnancy emotionally as well as physically? How do both the partners feel about the first child and its upbringing? Can you afford to have a second child, like do you have enough money for his or her upbringing? Also, can you pay for medical expenses? In case you are working can you afford for the daycare expenses of both the children?

What is your age?

Along with gap among the children matters the time of your second pregnancy, that what is your age when you are getting pregnant.

If a mother is around thirty-five there is less fertility and fewer chances of pregnancy, moreover if you already have a child there would be a huge gap between the first and the second child. It might also bring a problem in baby care because one loses that energy, enthusiasm and feels tried early. It would be hard for you to run behind a toddler.

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