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Benefits of Regular exercise during pregnancy

Exercise during pregnancy is the best workout which keeps your body active and makes you physically strong to carry your baby in the womb safely. The exercise during the nine months also proved helpful during delivery time. The regular exercises keep the mood of preggies fresh and provide them with an easy and better sleep. The most beneficial outcome of the prenatal exercise is that it keeps the body weight maintained during whole pregnancy and even after the delivery. If you do not exercise on a regular basis before pregnancy then do consult with your doctor to start any type of new exercise while you were pregnant.

The pregnancy exercises have many benefits and even if you just take a walk of 30 minutes twice a day will also benefit your health. The other basic Exercises when done just 20 minutes for 3 to 4 days in a week, is also beneficial. At least your body is getting some healthy stretches for 3-4 days in a week.

There are some exercises which are made specially to win over the pregnancy problems. These have less risk of injuries and are very safe for the entire pregnant body.  Have a look at some of the basic pregnancy workouts which are safe and very helpful during the nine months period.

  • Walking: Walking is the easiest and basic exercise which can be started as soon as you conceive the baby. There are many exercises which are strictly prohibitive during the first trimester but normal walking can be done for the whole nine months. The walking will be beneficial for your whole body.
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If you are facing vertigo problems then do ignore the walking because you may fall down and lose your sense of balance and coordination. It is better to walk with your hubby, friends and any of your family members. Make yourself comfortable with easy loose fitting clothes and supportive footwear.

  • Swimming: Swimming is a good refreshing exercise and if you know how to swim you can enjoy the prenatal healthy exercises in the pool. The exercise in water also helps in reducing the extra weight you have gained while pregnancy. But as you can slip in water to take care of yourself by doing slow movement in the water, swim in a manner that it does not harm your body. For example, breaststroke can hurt your neck, shoulders, or back muscles. Avoid diving and jumping as you have done while you were not pregnant. Try to select the pool which is in an open area to get a fresh and natural environment. Make sure that the water in the pool is safe, clean and hygienic to avoid any type of infection or allergies.
  • Stationary exercise bike: This is just like cycling and it is very safe in handling the body weight because it is stationary, the risk of falling is very low. It is very beneficial for pregnant ladies who have just started the exercise. It increases the blood flow and makes the pelvic muscles strong which plays a vital role in the labour room.
  • Yoga: yoga is the best exercise during pregnancy. Even you can only do the yoga during a pregnancy instead of any other exercise. There are several Yoga poses for pregnancy which will relax your body throughout the pregnancy. Yoga provides the flexibility to the body as well as it strengthens muscles, stimulates blood circulation, and enhances relaxation. It also helps in maintaining the blood pressure. Check out the several yoga poses for pregnancy according to trimester.
  • Dance: Dance is a good form of workout which you can enjoy and make your mind relax. Avoid fast dancing because it may harm to your pregnancy. It will be better if you join the Zoomba and aerobic classes which is especially for the pregnant ladies. You will also come in contact with other preggies and get to know much more about many other healthy exercises.
  • Pilates: If you don’t have any type of pregnancy complication then you can also practice the Pilates. This workout will help in relieving the back pains and gives flexibility to your body. Pilates has many moves which can be harmful to abdomen stretching so ask your instructor to guide you the moves which are beneficial for your pregnancy.
  • Squatting: The squatting is very helpful during labour time. It helps in opening the pelvis which is good for the last trimester and it also helps in normal delivery.

It had been researched that exercise during pregnancy makes the baby healthy in the womb. Even they had born with healthy birth weight, lower fat mass and with good health.

Safe tips for starting an exercise

If you are habitual of exercising then your body is ready to accept the coming changes in your body and it will also adjust with the exercise you will start after conceiving the baby. But if you are new to do the exercise then there are some safety tips to keep always in your mind.

  • If you are new then start the exercise slowly with less period of time because the body will not accept the much workout at one time. The body also needs time to adjust to the exercises during pregnancy.
  • Stay cool and relaxed while exercising. If you do the workout with patience then it will cure you of high blood pressure and other severe injuries.
  • Always listen to your body and don’t overdo the exercise if the body doesn’t allow. If you are not feeling good or pain anywhere in the body then avoid exercise because it will make you tired.
  • Do your entire test and see if you have any complication. Consult with your doctor or take advice from the instructor to know the right exercise.
  • If you feel that any type of pain and swelling after starting exercise then immediately stop the workout and inform your doctor.

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