Kids And Yoga: Top 8 Benefits Of Yoga For Kids

Yoga has emerged from India and is emerging as the most performed activity around the world which keeps you healthy and fresh. Yoga is found beneficial for human beings of all the ages. But many studies and surveys have shown that it is more beneficial for younger kids and toddlers. In many countries, yoga is misinterpreted as a method of promoting a particular religion, but that’s not true. Yoga is very beneficial for kids, it increases coordination, flexibility, balancing and concentration in toddlers and younger kids. There are many yoga activities which help the kid to increase their confidence and self-esteem. It can be an evening activity for kids and they can enjoy it after school every day which will keep them fresh and fine. Yoga is not place-dependent and can be performed anywhere without any specific props, materials and a particular uniform. Yoga can be performed with music for more entertainment. So, yoga is very healthy for kids and they will definitely enjoy it. There are many easy yoga asanas for kids which they can perform and enhance their personality a lot.

Benefits Of Yoga

These are the benefits which kids will have if they do yoga on a regular basis

1. Utilization of energy

Everyone knew that the kids are full of energy and potential and this energy needs a direction to be utilized properly, yoga is a form of exercise through which they can learn various things such as discipline, focus, and clarity of mind. Various asana can help them to learn mind and body connectivity and can strengthen their body parts, muscles and flexibility which in later phase will improve their thoughts and feelings. The best part of yoga is that it makes you happy if done in natural surroundings and providing a boost to your immune system hence will be the best outdoor activity for kids.


2. Act as a stress buster

In exam times the pressure of performance on kids is high and can create hurdles while studying, a regular session of yoga will create positivity in them with improving focus and workability. With yoga, kids can remove negativity and can release tension from the mind. If kids learn how to handle pressure and stress and are still it will help them to tackle stressed situations when they become older. 

3. Flexibility and strength

The basically of yoga is stretching and muscle-bone strength, the combination of these two will improve their overall well-being. Absence of any of these factors will be bad for them. Yoga poses includes integrated breathing patterns combining stretching of muscles of a certain body part depending on the pose, in this process, they burn calories and muscle gets warm increasing flexibility and improving strength. Healthy eating habit will provide an added advantage, in growth years of the kids by reducing chances of obesity and kids health issues.

4. Creates Self-awareness

A kid can learn about his capabilities while performing various poses of yoga creating a sense of patience in them, as some poses require patience to be mastered. Kids are always told to be engaged in certain activities and to become productive and at last, they only stop at bedtime in between this they don’t relax, to master technique of relaxation in form of yoga combination of body, mind and patience can help them to achieve their goals not only in academic sector but in all aspects of life.

balance Yoga

5. Learn how to Balance

Yoga includes certain activities in which kids have to maintain balance poses. While trying to do that poses the kids have to focus, even kids with a focusing issue will improve during these tasks. Games and asana including balancing develop strength and stillness in kids. On an individual basis, their confidence to perform asana will increase thus creating a sense of self-esteem.

6. Improves team working skills

Considering the environment around kids, yoga can be considered as a group activity including songs, fun activities and games. While performing in groups they can learn coordination with their teammates creating a positive and engaging environment through which team working skills can be imparted to them. They will learn to help each other while performing complex asana thus improving them at the social level.

7. Helps to Improves self-control

Regular practice of breathing and controlled movement of the body, yoga can teach kids self-control refraining them to behave in an impulsive manner. As kids are sensitive to their surroundings and don’t think practically, yoga can help them to act with patience in an emotional state. As this capability grew with time it will help them to take important decisions in life and will be a crucial part of their personality and well-being, helping them in anger management and taking radical decisions when required.

Yoga Girl

8. Improves quality of sleep

Kids should have a sleep of at least 7-8 hours daily as it helps them to remain ready and full of energy the next day. Kids too are stressed with their school work and peer relationships and when we are stressed & tensed our minds are full of thoughts resulting in reduced chances of good sleep. Yoga can help the body and mind of kids in relaxing after daily hectic schedule by breathing to calm the mind and the nervous system helping them to fall asleep.


Yoga is not just a promotional activity of Hinduism; it is a form of exercise which keeps human beings healthy of all ages. There are many ways a teacher can teach small kids to perform yoga poses with the help of books and group activities. For kids, it acts as a personality enhancer and helps them a lot both physically and mentally. It helps to maintain coordination, flexibility, concentration, balancing and whatnot. The excellent part of yoga is that it helps in maintaining focus in kids a lot. They can focus and perform things in a better way if they perform yoga on a regular basis. The above-mentioned benefits are observed in the kids and toddlers who perform yoga on a regular basis.

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