Benefits Of Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is an essential oil that is taken from the leaves of the melaleuca alternifolia. The tea tree oil has shown a number of beneficial properties and this makes the oil be a very effective substance for a number of complaints on human health. The tea tree oil is known for its medical properties, for instance, the oil is used as an antiseptic, antibacterial, and also for antifungal action. The essential oil of the tea tree oil is usually used diluted this is because the pure tea tree oil reacts with the body commonly; it often causes irritation in the diluted state as well. 

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Tea tree oil has been found to be very effective on infections that have been resistant to antibiotics. According to several studies, the tea tree oil has been found to give treatment to the problems of the respiratory system with common sore throats, runny nose coughs, and conditions like tuberculosis, asthma and bronchitis which are more severe being treated. 

The tea tree oils’ anti-viral properties have been found to fight infections such as measles, flu, cold sores, chickenpox, shingles and also diseases like the verrucae. Tea tree oil is also known to strengthen the immune system; the immune system is usually weakened by the use of drugs and anti-biotic too. The tree oil spreads its benefits further for being a mouth wash; this is because e the tea tree oil is effective in healing oral candidiasis which is a well-known fungal infection condition of the mouth and the throat.

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Uses of the tea tree oil

On Skin infections

When mixed with the bathwater, tea tree oil is found to be a great disinfectant for skin protection. A few drops of the oil to the bathwater soaked for a few minutes, and used twice a week have proven effective on skin disease conditions. The tea tree oil is also a good muscle relaxer for those involved in strenuous workouts and sorts too.

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Acne treatment

Being a great anti-bacterial, tea tree oil is used as a remedy for acne for being a natural treating substance. Tea tree oil is applied to acne and it boosts the immune system to be able to fight the bacteria while at the same time reduces the inflamma0tion that comes with acne. 


  • Apply the tea tree oil onto the areas where acne is spread, this should be done before going to bed
  • Early when one wakes from bed, rinse the tea tree oil and then take the vitamin E supplements, this helps speed up the process of healing. The supplements also go a long way as a healing agent, healing the blemishes and also curing the scar on the skin.


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Tea tree oil used as an immune-stimulant

The tea tree oil is of great value in helping the body against any kind of infection that may try an attack on it. It, therefore, plays the role of a preventive remedy. And when the body is in weekend conditions, tea tree oil is of much help in this situation. It is very helpful to those who need to strengthen up especially before an operation. Tea tree oil is also an application that is possible in AIDS and much research is currently in place to find out more on the AIDS application.

Side effects of the tea tree oil

It is highly advised that pregnant and breastfeeding women avoid the treatment using tea tree oil. When tea tree oil is used while undiluted, it causes itchiness, sensitive skin, and irritation. It is, therefore, safe to have the tea tree oil diluted before use for those with sensitive skin. On a sore note, one should not take an overdose of the tea tree oil for it causes diarrhea, vomiting, and even worse makes the immune system impaired. The overdose can also result in dizziness, lack of coordination, confusion and can lead to a comma. When a patient notices any of these symptoms which are associated with overdose, it is highly recommended to have medical attention.

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