Benefits of outdoor playing for kids

Hello parents… Today we are going to share with you the benefits of outdoor games for children. We are living around so many technologies and today the games for kids have also become technical.  Mobiles, Television, Videogames, and play stations have replaced many outdoor games which can make the kids healthy and active. The parents are busy with their trendy lifestyles. They provide technical playing options to their growing kids because they have no time to engage their children in physical activities. These options are very harmful to babies.

As a parent, it is your responsibility to think about your baby’s goodness. The outdoor game always plays an important part in the development of a baby’s physical and mental growth. By playing outside they will introduce themselves to many natural things. 

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It’s a humble request to all the parents, whether they are working or not that please don’t ruin the childhood period of your baby by engaging him with technology before age.

Here are some of the benefits of playing outside games which will let you know what thing you are missing in the development of your baby. Check Out:

  1. Learning skills: outdoor games are a brilliant way to enhance the power of learning in babies. You can introduce many learning equipments outside so that they can get knowledge while playing. And what else can be a good option as like to learn anything while playing?
  1. Improves Vision: The outdoor games help kids to come close to nature. According to research by the American Academy of Ophthalmology, the kids who play outside have less risk of developing “myopia,” or nearsightedness.
  1. Social skills: The kids who play outside can interact effectively with other kids. They will not become a shy person in nature. The outside games will also help the kids to make new friends and approach different children. Their communication skills will be more developing as compared to the kids who always play indoor games.
  1. Physical Development: It is seen that the kids who love to play outside are more active than other children. They are physically very strong with good stamina and fitness to the body. They are at lower risk of many diseases like diabetes, heart problems, obesity and promote overall better health. The natural sunshine provides the kids whose deficiency may cause the risk of Rickets.  We also know that nature is always a good option for our mental and physical health. 
  1. Creativity in children: When the kids play outside they get to know about many new things. The natural surroundings encourage the children’s creativity. A kid can imagine much more than an adult. Their imagination gets a path in an open nature place.
  1. Happy in the mood: The outside playing children seem always happy and calm in the mood. The natural Vitamin D from sun rays helps to improve the mood and encourages a positive attitude. It is a good opportunity to make your kid a gentle guy for the future.
  1. Boost Independence and personality: The outdoor games and playing make the kids independent. They come in contact with many other kids in the playground and make them confident to deal with situations on their own like how to deal with injuries and emergencies in the ground, negotiate setbacks and unfamiliar conditions, sans adult supervision which boost their confidence and provide them with a good personality. The kids when playing with other kids on the ground then they learn many good qualities like discipline, sportsmanship, and team spirit.
  1. Improves the Attention: The outdoor games help the kids in improving their attention towards anything. The mental power, concentration, and focus on observing anything are much higher than the kids who love to stay at home. 
  1. Reduce stress: “Only work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” is a great old saying and this is very true also. The children who play indoor games are suffering from more stress as compared to the kids who play outdoor games. So, let your babies play outside to make their minds fresh and relaxed.
  1. Healthy habits: It is observed that the kids who love to play outside and enjoy nature are having so many healthy habits. In the future, their lifestyle will be much healthier than the other kids. It is also proved that the people who were played outdoor games are much more successful in their life as compared to the people who had to spend their childhood playing home games.

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Baby Akarsh, Ananya

Disadvantages of Outdoor games

There are always the pros and cons of everything and this is also in the case of outdoor games. However, there are many fewer disadvantages of playing outdoor games and some of them are:

  • If your kid will indulge so much in outdoor games then he will lose interest in staying home. He will always like to be outside the house. Playing too much to the outside is not a good idea and it can make your baby apart from the family.
  • The kids love to go outside and so they start neglecting their studies because of no routine for playing outside. Along with physical development, it is also important to give them proper academic knowledge.

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  • When children play outside too much then it is not possible for the parents to do supervision and take care of them all the time. This can lead to a high risk of injuries to the kids while playing.
  • When children play too much outside the home then it may lead to physical strain and other health issues.
  • As we all know now children are not safe outside because of increasing child sexual assaults. We know that our surroundings are good but we cannot trust anyone blindly. so, it is not safe to let the kids play outside alone for a long time.

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