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Benefits of Homemade baby food

Welcome back again the mommies and daddies. I guess now your baby is above six months and thus you are here to know the advantages of home prepared solid foods for babies. There are many preserved baby foods are available in the market but I personally recommend the baby homemade foods to all the parents. However, it consumes your lot of time and energy but I think you can afford this for baby’s good health. My son is now 13 months but I had never given him any market preserved foods. The only market thing which I preferred is Parle-G biscuit.

A baby starts his solids after six months and it is very necessary for us to notice that any food is allergic to him or not. Being of a good parenting nature we cannot play with the health of the baby. Check also here Recipes for Homemade Baby Foods.

The working women should understand that their baby health is the first priority and they should get time to prepare the homemade baby food.

So, directly come to the point and let’s talk about the tons of benefits of homemade baby food:

  • Nutritious- If we will prepare any food at home for our baby then it is obvious that we want to give our baby fresh and healthy foods. The freshly prepared foods have many nutrients and good bacteria which help in improving the immune system. Several mineral, vitamins, calcium, iron and folic acid are available in different variety of foods. The manufactures often use water and thickening agents/starches for making it at a low-cost price. These are not healthy at all.
  • Add the taste- The Home prepared foods can be made according to the taste of your baby. You can add a variety of healthy things and can make a good combination of foods. You can add many healthy spices and herbs which is safe for your babies like rock salt, ghee, olive oil, rosemary, cinnamon, turmeric and cafetiere. These all are safe spices and herbs for baby which adds taste as well keeps the baby healthy.
  • The habit of eating Healthy- The habits of baby grows from the time they born. If you will introduce the homemade solids to your baby from starting then he will not eat the unhealthy market kinds of stuff. This is a good habit and even all should adopt these healthy habits.
  • Variety of Foods: If you are preparing home foods then you have many options to cook different food. This will make your child eager to eat new foods daily. The variety of different foods contains different minerals, vitamins, nutrients and many healthy things. The baby will get so many beneficial nutrients in his food daily.
  • Pocket-friendly: Why to pay more to unhealthy foods if we can make healthy food at a low price? This is so true and real. The market preserved foods are so costly that many people were unable to afford it. They are selling it for their profit. It is our duty to select wisely for our babies.
  • Less processed: Homemade foods are less processed. Although the market pre-packaged foods go through the refinement process.

How to store Homemade Baby foods?

You can prepare daily to avoid storage. Personally, I cook for my baby on a daily basis and however if someday I have to make storage then I prepare the whole grain powders which can be easily ready just in one boil. I advised you not to prepare the foods and vegetable puree to store. Make it fresh.

Still, if you have to go outside and you need the food storage then there are some of the best ways to store baby foods. Check out:

  • Fridge: The refrigerators are the best and coolest way to store the food. But make sure that don’t store the foods for more than 2 days. The longer you store the food risk high in having bacterial and fungal contamination.
  • Ice cubes: You can make the food and store them in the form of ice cubes in the freezer. When you want to feed your baby then take the cubes and heat them.
  • Wax paper: Wrap the food puree in the wax sheet and put it in the freezer. The same you can do as like the process of ice cubes.

Types of Homemade foods

There are many varieties of foods which can be made for babies. Some of the healthy foods which your baby will love to eat are:

  • Purees: You can make different fruits and vegetable purees which can be prepared very easily. You can make a puree of many fruits and vegetables like apples, peaches, pea, banana, nectarines, strawberries, grapes, celery, spinach, carrot, sweet bell peppers, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes and potatoes.
  • Wholegrain powder: You can make a powder of many whole grain bowls of cereal like brown rice, oats, khichdi cereals, Moong Dal vegetable Khichdi, Suji halwa and many more. You can make the food with many combinations to add more taste to the baby food.

You can get the recipes of homemade food cereals very easily which will help you to make them properly.

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