Benefits Of Eating Garlic

Being a species of the onion family, garlic has throughout history been used for both medicinal and culinary purposes. For instance in cooking, it adds a mellow smell and also sweetens the food. For this reason, garlic is commonly used in most regions of the world in cooking due to its nice flavor.

Health Benefits Of Garlic

Garlic has been said to prevent various heart diseases including high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, cancer, and also high cholesterol. In the case of cholesterol, garlic is said to reduce the accumulation of cholesterol which takes place on the vascular walls of the body. Garlic eating has also been beneficial due to its antibiotic activity; it is effective against bacteria, yeast, and even fungi. One can always take garlic for any recurring infections whether chronic or mild i.e. those that are not dangerous. The infections may be the common colds, ears, mouth, and throat infections, and also the fungal infection like Candida.

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Cardiovascular Benefits Of Garlic

From a number of studies done on garlic, it has been revealed that the consumption of garlic is of great help to people with high blood pressure. Once one develops the routine of eating garlic results in the production of nitric acid on the blood vessels lining which according to research helps in making the lining relaxed. As a result of this, garlic can prevent atherosclerosis and also diabetic disease. Garlic is also capable of preventing heart attacks and stroke. Garlic’s cardiovascular effects are due to its components among them being the sulfur compounds, the presence of vitamin C, vitamin B6, manganese, and also selenium.

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As a result of the presence of the vitamins, garlic helps prevent heart diseases through the lowering of the homocysteine levels. Selenium that is present in garlic helps in the prevention of heart diseases and also provides protection against cancer at the same time heavy toxicity of metals. This substance also works with vitamin E in defending the body against the soluble fat areas and they work together in the covering of these areas.

Not only is it rich in selenium, but garlic is also rich in minerals like manganese which helps boost the level of HDL and works as a cofactor anti-oxidation of defense enzymes. 

Some of the benefits related to Garlic  are

  • The  antioxidant function
  • Helping the blood get thin reducing the risks of blood clots
  • Lowering of the blood pressure.

Garlic Promotes weight control

Allicin which is one of the great components of garlic is also of great benefits for it lowers blood pressure and prevents a person from weight gain. Developing garlic-eating habits will help one control their weight gain, this is according to research by American Journal of Hypertension. The journal put it that allicin that is found in garlic helps a great deal in weight control.

Garlic and cancer

Studies have always suggested that regular eating of garlic will reduce the chances of oesophageal, stomach, and colon cancer. This is capable due to the garlic’s ability to reduce the formation of the carcinogenic compound. Colorectal cancer is as well protected against by eating garlic.

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Side effects Of Eating Garlic

Garlic just as for many substances used has got its own side effects. It was found out that Garlic causes halitosis at the same time causing sweat making one produce a pungent smell. This is caused by one substance Allyl methyl sulfide which is a component of garlic. The Allyl methyl sulfide is absorbed in the blood during the garlic metabolism and then continues to the lungs and to the mouth where it causes bad breath and also on to the skin pores where it causes bad odor.

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Eating raw garlic which is very strong could also come in with problems, for instance, there would be a resultant irritation or even worse one could have a damaged digestive tract. Cases of various persons being allergic to garlic are there too, and the symptoms of being allergic to garlic are skin rash, headaches, and high temperature. Garlic is said to be a potential for disrupting anti-coagulants and it is advised that one should highly avoid it before surgery.

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