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Basic Behind Blood Group Diet Plan

Peter J. D’Adamo, in 1996, advocated the theory of weight loss by eating right, based on the blood types of individuals. The four main blood types are used as the framework to create an eating and exercise schedule. In this program, the kind of health risks peculiar to each blood group is also considered.

The different blood types (A, B, O, and AB) are identified by the distinct cell distribution in the polysaccharide chains.

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The basic distinctions according to Peter J. D’Adamo are

  • Type A blood group individuals should avoid meat and eat a high carb low-fat diet that includes complex carbohydrates (grains) and vegetables. Yoga like soothing exercises are best for the constitution of Group A Type
  • Type B blood group people should part-take a variety of foods to keep healthy. Meals made from a combination of carbohydrates, vegetables, and proteins (both poultry and dairy products) suit them best. Walking and swimming are the best exercise forms for people with this blood group
  • O-blood type individuals thrive well on a non-vegetarian diet and vigorous exercise. This blood group type should avoid carbohydrates like corn flakes and bran. People with this blood group should exercise regularly and vigorously
  • The AB blood group types can enjoy a variety of foods that suit the A and B group types. However, people who belong to this type are vulnerable to health risks of A and B types 

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Anthropological Basis

The Blood Type theory is based on the premise of anthropology. For instance, the first people who evolved were of blood type O, who were hunters and food gatherers. Type B evolved when there was a lot of traveling and migration from one area to another. So people with blood group B are classified as nomad types.

Scientific Basis

Specific polysaccharide chains in the blood give rise to antibodies in blood to counteract other sugar chains. Reactions between blood and food eaten are caused by groups of proteins attached to sugars (lectins). They are utilized by the immune system to fight off or get rid of harmful bacteria. The lectins can also cause health problems like inflammation, digestive disorders, or the weakening of the immune system.

Protein groups in humans vary according to blood types, according to D’Adam and the lectins found in food substances are also varied. That is why it is important to match the diet to blood type so that the lectins do not harm the digestive or immune system.

However, there are many critics of the theories purported by D’Adam as they do not seem to be based on far-reaching implications of both biochemistry and anthropology.  

Yet there are many takers for the blood group weight loss diet plan as it seems to work for them. On a general principle, significance should be placed on a balanced intake of nutrients, fiber, and fluid in order to lose weight and maintain fitness.

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A weight loss plan based on blood group works on the premise that people with different blood groups need different diets to keep healthy and maintain weight. D’Adam has purported the theory of diet plan according to blood type and presents an anthropological and scientific basis for his theory. 

 Many people follow the highly popular diet plan that is peculiar to their blood type. Blood groups A, B, O, and AB are the main types classified and each has been recommended a diet that is believed to keep them healthy. An exercise routine is also recommended to keep them fit. However, there is a criticism that the theories are based on inadequate research both in anthropology and biochemistry.

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