Bajikaran In Ayurveda

Bajikaran is one of the eight branches of Ayurveda. This treatment method addresses all kinds of sexual disorders. This science covers the aspects of infertility and also improving sexual function in human beings. The Bajikaran Shasta looks at sexual activity as a tool to achieve healthy progeny.  The science is aimed at improving the quality of semen to produce healthy and brilliant children with a high level of immunity and sexuality.   It is therefore recognized as the science of aphrodisiac and followed by one and all for centuries.

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How Bajikaran Works

Bajikaran works in two different aspects of its application. One is aimed at dealing with infertility issues and the other suggests ways to enhance sexual power. Ayurveda lays emphasis on producing healthy and bright progeny to improve the quality of future society.  This involves producing good quality and number of sperms which is elaborately explained in Bajikaran. Remedies for various complaints like impotence, infertility, and inadequate sperm count are extensively discussed in this Ayurvedic treatment tradition.

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Ayurveda believes that the progeny can be better if really good quality and quantity of sperms are produced. The quality of the sperms determines the progeny’s future. It is because the child carries the genes from the parents and the health also depends upon the genes inherited. This is why Ayurveda insists that sperm quality must be increased to achieve better and superior individuals in future generations.  Ayurveda Bajikaran suggests certain measures that can help in this process.  It recommends the use of certain herbs for achieving this purpose and names them Bajikaran Dravya.  Charak Samhita the ancient Ayurvedic classic has a detailed chapter dealing with the subject of enhancing the quality as well as the number of sperms. The Ayurvedic text mentions specific lifestyles and food supplements that can guarantee a high quality of sperms.  The good quality sperms possess properties like Bahal meaning thick, Madhur meaning sweet and Snigdh meaning unctuousness, Guru meaning heavy and Pichil meaning shiny, Shukl meaning white and odorless. Some herbs recommended for this purpose are Brihan, Madhur, Guru, and Snigdh.

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Causes for decreased quality of sperms

  • Advanced age
  • Stress
  • Obesity
  •  Disease like varicocele, diabetes, etc.
  •  Overindulgence in sexual activities
  •  Excessive physical and mental activities
  •  Consumption of unhealthy and junk food with no nutrition
  •  Smoking
  •  Consumption of alcohol and drug or using steroids
  • Use of excess hot water for bathing
  • Wearing tight underwear that harms the testicles
  • Excess exposure to heat
  • Lack of proper rest and sleep

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Suggested Ways to Increase Sperm Count and Quality

The ways to incase the sperm count and its quality are to avoid excessive eating and working without break, avoiding junk food, avoiding overindulgence in sexual activities, getting adequate sleep, practicing yoga and meditation, avoiding alcohol, smoke, and drugs, avoiding wearing tight undergarments, etc.

Herbal remedies used in Bajikaran in Ayurveda used certain powerful herbs. The herbs like Ashwagandha, Shilajit, Kohinoor Gold and are used with certain other medicinal plants.

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