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Baby’s first summer: Great tips for new moms

If you have a toddler to take care of, you don’t want him to bear the brunt of this harsh summer. Then, this reading is for you… and also, don’t forget to take advice from child specialists when it comes to the total health care of the child. Read the below-mentioned points and keep your child safe in the summers.

Use of air conditioner
It is safer to put your baby when your child is sleeping in air-conditioned than putting him in a humid and hot room.  If he is in a heated room, then he is susceptible to heat-related problems like rashes, tiredness, and dehydration. Fresh and air circulation is important. Do ac at 24°C-25°C temperature.

Bathing in a day
When your baby enjoys water time, in that case, a frequency can be 2-3 times to bathe as adults do. And this way you can keep kids’ bodies cool. You needn’t increase the frequency if he doesn’t like it. But make sure your babies are clean and dry all the time to avoid rashes. 36°C-38°C is the ideal water temperature that can be used in mildly warm water. Folds of the skin, underarms, neck needs to be washed. And do not wash your hair if you are giving him multiple baths as he might catch a cold.

Powder for the baby

some doctors say it is to be applied. Some say it can clog the sweat pores and therefore, cause or worsen rashes. So apply it correctly so that the baby doesn’t inhale. Apply correctly on the neck, underarms, and neck area. Also, see if the baby’s skin is comfortable and not getting rashes as such.

Oil massage in summers
Some oils have a cooling effect. Understand the nature of the oil before doing massage or applying them to the child. And some oils are heat-generating- you have to keep them in mind. As mustard oil is warming to use. It increases body temperature and can cause discomfort.

Clothes for the babies

Cotton is the savior in any case. Loose-fitting cotton clothes are the best this coming summer. Make sure you change the baby’s clothes as the infant’s sweats. Even during the night, you can make him wear a onesie to keep him/her cool. Keep a layer of the cotton sheet between the baby’s skin and any other synthetic material.

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Sunscreen on the baby

If a child is above 6 months, then sunscreen can be applied. Otherwise, he should not be in direct sun. Go ahead and talk to your doctor about suggesting a good brand for your toddlers’ sensitive skin.

Ensure baby doesn’t fall sick

Dehydration: she/he should be breastfed properly and if needs enough cooled water, then fed him.
Rashes: Loose cotton clothes and airy rooms can prevent rashes
Viral infection: baby immunity is built by breastfeeding
Heatstroke: more fluids and loose-fitting clothes to breathe skin
Avoid the sun: apply sunscreen, carry him under an umbrella to avoid sunlight

If the baby feels too hot
Her cheeks will redden, hair becomes damp, signs of sweating and breathing is faster. The baby may appear lethargic and may cry out loud.

How can you keep your baby cool in summer?
Go to the pool and enjoy the splashing water and get rid of the sun in these hot summers. Running him a bath before bedtime will also help in cooling your baby. Make the baby’s room cool by using dark-colored thick curtains. Do not dress your baby in many layers and a onesie at night is fine; make it minimum to minimum dressed. Cool, cotton clothes in light shade are a good idea.

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Baby’s first summer: Great tips for new moms

Protect babies from mosquitoes

Summers bring along mosquito-related diseases like dengue, malaria, etc. Keep your house clean and be sure about mosquitoes staying away from your baby. Mosquito’s repellent is nice but for a newborn baby, it doesn’t work. You can use a mosquito net or some home remedies to get rid of these pesky creatures.

A well-ventilated house, light airy clothes, and lots of fluids can make a difference when it comes to facing the brunt of the heat. Hot and sweaty you might feel,  so you might get irritable and that might impact the way you take care of the little one. So relax and face the season with all the precautions in order to do required parenting after all!

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