Babyproof Your Home

How To Babyproof Your Home To Maximize Baby’s Safety

Children’s Safety is the foremost responsibility of a disciplined parent. No matter where you go, you must keep an eye on your child as children as innocent and unaware of the things around them. They are always curious to know everything they observe around them that is they would either eat or throw whatever comes in their way. So, make sure that you check your baby and guide him very well.

Now, let’s have a look at some of the tips that can guide the parents to keep their children safe and secure from certain home appliances so that they would not get hurt or damage anything:

1. Cover all the electrical outlets

If you have a child in your home, always use protective coverings for their safety. To prevent your child from sticking their finger or any other objects in an outlet use only protective coverings.  All the lamps must be kept at a height so that the children would not be able to reach them. Unplug hair dryers or electrical rollers after use and keep them away from curious children to prevent burns.

2. Store household chemicals on higher shelves

Make sure that all of your household chemicals are out of reach and hidden from plain sight. Any product that is toxic or could cause poisoning if a large amount is drunk is poisonous. You may store these products on higher shelves or purchase shelve locks or childproof caps for the chemicals if you have a climbing toddler. Just make sure any household devices are properly stored in an area inaccessible to your child. Also, keep all breakable items away and out of reach of your baby’s hands, especially any glass objects. Keep laundry detergent as well on high shelves and out of children’s reach.

3. Keep the medicine out of children’s reach

Keep all the medications including children’s medication should be kept out of reach as they can overdose on this just as easily as adult medication. Keep all the medications out of children reach and make sure the bottles have childproof caps. Also, make sure that you keep all the medicines and rugs closed on a closet so that your baby could not find it.

4. Use safety gates

You should install safety gates and make sure they are up to date with current safety standards. You can use safety gates at doorways that lead to stairs, basements and other places in your house that could be unsafe for your children. Safety gates with an alarm are very common in the houses where the parents are working as this helps them to perform multiple tasks along with keeping an eye on the baby.

5. Use pool covers

If you have a swimming pool at home, buy a cover that you strap down to prevent your child from falling into the pool. If you have any pond, use a fence or gate to prevent your child from accessing it. Also, cover all the corners and edges of furniture with foam to prevent any injuries.

6. Keep all choking hazards out of reach

Always remember, if the toy or item can fit through the paper tube, it is a choking hazard. Common choking hazards to keep out of reach and locked away are marbles, buttons, pens, crayons, paper clips, rubber bands, tiny doll shoes, etc.

7. Kitchen

While cooking, remember to turn handles of pots and pans towards the back of the stove so they don’t get knocked off and baby can’t reach for them and pull them down. Always secure cleaning supplies such as knives, scissors, soap, etc. in drawers with locks or on high shelves. Secure your refrigerator door with safety latch. You may use placemats instead of tablecloths. As tablecloths are easy to pull and can send glasses and sharp silverware falling to the floor. If your stove allows, you may consider removing the knobs and placing them out of baby’s reach. May you baby can turn the knobs and accidentally turn on the burners. Make sure that your kitchen includes a fire extinguisher for safety.

8. Candles and matches are out of reach

It is possible for a toddler to accidentally light a match and start a fire. It does not matter how undeveloped his fine motor skills. If he crews a candle, he could choke on the wax. So keep candles and matches well out of reach and try to use flameless LED candles to mimic the effect of flickering candlelight.

9. Fireplace is covered

You should install heat resistant gates to use while the flames are burning. As kids could fall and injure themselves against a sharp hearth so make sure you buy pads the edges. The doors should be locked when not in use and the fire stocking tools should be out of reach. You should also have smoke detectors on each floor of your home.

10. Photo frames should be up and away

Always put photo frames up and away from your child’s reach. If your child drops a frame, the glass can shatter and cut him even in a carpeted room. You should put frames at a place somewhere well out of reach. Make sure that you stick the photo frames on the wall itself or just replace them with the plastic frames. Do not let your child handle any kind of glass material that could hurt him and cause you trouble.

11. The TV should be mounted

Mount your television securely on the wall, if possible. As if a child tries to climb on a TV stand, the set can fall on your baby. TVs stands are needed to be anchored to the wall too. Also, make sure that your child is 8 to 10 feet away from the T.V while he is watching it. This will protect his eyes and will provide them with a better view and vision.

Thus, this article guides you to be safe and keep your child away from the hazardous substance in the house that might hurt him.

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