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Baby travel: Important tips to know

Hii all mommies and daddies, we know that you are waiting to travel with your little one first time. And oh I forgot after enjoying your pregnancy time and delivery rest, you had spent almost more than one year at home. Now, this is time to enjoy yourself with your baby outside somewhere being a new parent. But this time travelling will be different. You have to think about many things about your baby packing. What to pack during travelling for a baby? How to pack for a baby? Which travelling tips to follow? And so many never-ending questions in your mind.

You are playing your parenting part very well but as you are a new parent so this is not possible to be perfect in all the things. Hence don’t worry; I am here to help you out with my travelling tips for baby which will help you to pack his all the important stuff. Without wasting time let’s move on to discuss the travelling tips.

We have to pack many things related to our toddlers, so I have categorized the packing parts which will clear your all doubts.

Firstly we will talk about the packing tips for infants and toddlers.

Packing for babies is too difficult. As a parent, we have to know which things are essential for our babies during the travelling time. Here I have prepared one list which will surely help you while packing for your baby. I first time travelled with my baby when he was 6 months old on a train. My experience was not too good at packing his things. I packed his all stuff in such a way that they all crumbled with each other. However, my second experience of baby travelling packing was too good which I am going to share with you. have a look:

  • Selection of bag: The very first thing while packing is the selection of bag for your baby. Keep a separate bag for them. Don’t mix your stuff with his things. Select the bag which has so many partitions and small pockets so that you can categorize his different things in a separate pocket. The separation will help you in avoiding the confusions.
  • How to pack: Organize the needy things in such a way that you get them easily. If there are no pockets in a bag you can make pouches. Keep his different kinds of stuff in the pouches so that they can be easily available.
  • What to pack: This is a big question that what to pack. It is advised you to pack according to the climate. You can check the weather forecast of that particular area which will help you to pack his clothes. You don’t have to take a number of winter and summer clothes if you will know about the climate of the place you are going.
  • Toys: Don’t forget to pack his favourite toy. Might you and your partner is busy in enjoying something which he didn’t like. At that time you can busy him with his favourite stuff so that he doesn’t get bored.
  • Baby Diapers: Make sure that you have kept the extra diapers with you because we don’t know about the baby’s health. The sudden change of place and climate can lead to loose motions in the baby in which we need so many diapers.


This is a very important thing to carry. Don’t forget to keep the baby medicines with you. Ask the basic medicines from your doctors so that you can give them while travelling if they need. If you have proper medicine prescribed by pediatric then you don’t have to rush to the doctor at a strange place.

Skincare packing

I can add this point in the packing tips section but I want to highlight the skin care tips for baby while travelling. As we all know that the skin of a baby is very sensitive and we cannot compromise with it at any cost. So, you have to take care of this thing very carefully. Check out the essential thing to do while packing for baby skin care:

  • Don’t forget to keep hand sanitizer for baby with you. It is not always possible while travelling that you get water to wash your hands. So, just to stay hygienic with your baby you can use hand sanitizer to avoid germs.
  • Don’t forget to pack baby’s moisturizer, sunscreen if it is sunrays there, rashes cream to avoid rashes from diapers or heat, his separate shampoo, body wash, oil and many other baby cosmetics which you use on daily basis.
  • Try to carry the small packs of the cosmetics which will be easily adjustable I the luggage. If you have large packing then you can take them in small portions in some other small bottles as much as you need for the trip.

Foods and feeding

As you all know that foods and feeding things for baby are very essential. While packing things we normally forget to make a different packing for food. We think that food is a very common thing and we can get them easily at any place. But always keep in mind that outside food is not good for the baby. We should always prefer homemade foods for them to avoid many allergies and germ foods. Have a look at baby food packing for travelling:

  • If your baby is below six months then try to breastfeed him as much as you can. If it is not possible while travelling then you can use formula milk. Carry your milk powder with you in stock.
  • Carry the extra feeding bottles, thermos and sterilizer to maintain hygienically.
  • Take a boiler with you in which you can easily prepare the raagi, cerelacs, rice and moong dal powder, can easily boil the fruits like apple.


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