Baby shower ideas and themes to rock the party

Baby shower: ideas and themes to rock the party

Baby shower, the name itself shows the excitement. Are you also the one who is planning for the baby shower for your relative or your best friend? If yes then have a look at our full article to know about many latest themes, games, decoration, foods, drinks and many other interesting things.

But before we proceed with the ideas let’s have a look at some of the basic queries of the baby shower which confuse people at the time of throwing the baby shower party. This we can say a part of planning:

Why baby Shower is important?

The answer to this question is “WHY NOT?” This is very important to celebrate every small happiness of life, and giving birth to a baby is a great work to be done by every woman.

A baby shower is also the way to give relaxation to the parents-to-be from stressing previous month. Not only the parents, but the second and third parents also feel excited about the new life coming on the way.

The baby shower games, different themes, talking, gathering, laughing, gifts, foods, drinks, and so many attractive things will make the pregnant woman happy and as we all know that happiness is the key of having good health. So, this is the reason why one should plan for the baby shower for their loved ones.

Whose responsibility is to plan the baby shower?

A baby shower can be planned from anyone like maternity relatives, paternity relatives, best friends, co-workers, neighbours or even some husband also plan surprise baby shower for his wife. This depends on the connection you share with the preggies. Any person who is happy to welcome a new baby can throw the baby shower party with attractive decors and themes.

Sometimes it happens that expectant mother throws the baby shower party for herself. That’s no matter; it’s ok because parents are the first happiest person for their baby to welcome in the world. So, don’t hesitate to plan the baby shower for yourself.

Keep one thing in the mind while hosting the baby shower that sends an invitation to the people who are closest to the couple. You are planning the party to make the parent-to-be happy not to discomfort them. If your guest list is short let it be, but only invite the dearer ones.

Baby Shower ladies

Best timing for baby shower

The best timing for the baby shower is the end of the second trimester or the starting of the third trimester because preggies are more comfortable during these periods. They are free from morning sickness, nausea, severe pain, swellings, etc. and thus they can also enjoy the party. Rather you can discuss it with the preggie herself that when she is comfortable and if it is a surprise party then discuss it with father-to-be to know if there are any problems and complication to the expectant moms in enjoying her baby shower.

Let’s have a look at some of the unique baby shower ideas which will help you while hosting the party. Check out:

Theme: Theme is the first thing which should be decided so that you can manage the other things according to the theme. The theme includes different clothes, colors, makeup, attire, etc. You can also make the theme according to the gatherings. If only ladies are invited then plan for different attire look as like indo-western, ethnic, western, etc. Choose the color and even you can decide on two colors which will refer to the expected boy or girl gender. The one who will support having a baby boy or girl will have to wear a particular color. If your gathering also includes some dads then make some couple goals theme which will be beneficial in organizing some exciting games.

Decoration: Decoration is another main factor which makes the baby shower attractive. Get some good decorative things like baby pictures, helium balloons, pre-baby shoot pictures, scented candles, flowers, and many other unique decorative items which will represent the baby shower party.

Outside location: It is better to opt for the outside location so that you can enjoy at full without the tension of getting messy homes. Actually, after party, preggie may feel tired and want to take rest, but because of the mess in the house, she will not be able to feel comfortable in her own house. So, it’s better to party outside and come home with happiness and not with the tension of hygiene.

Games: So, the baby shower is the party for adults and no kids are allowed. Thus try to organize it in a sexy way. Plan for some of the best adult games, which you can play between couples or only ladies. This will bring charm to your party and the expectant mom will become happy and shocked too to see such games. Some of the game ideas for baby shower are:

  1. Couple dancing on a piece of paper
  2. Burst the balloon by supporting the hips of the partner with his tummy.
  3. Licking of the chocolate together.
  4. A puzzle game where you have to find out the names if baby products.
  5. If only ladies came to the party, tell them to call their husband and randomly say I Love You. Choose the best reply for giving them a prize.
  6. Fill the balloon with water and ask the ladies to carry them in the tummy and the one who will hold it for more time will win.

Plan for parlour: Arrange some quality time for a pregnant woman to enjoy the parlour works like massage, pedicure, manicure, facial, hair spa, and many other things. It sounds very good to give some relaxing treatment to the preggie.

Favourite food and drinks: As we all know that the preggies take care of themselves while eating anything. They don’t but they have to eat healthy because of her baby’s proper growth. But do you think that it will be affected in one day? No, not at all, just select all her favourite cuisine which will make her happy. If she is a real foodie then this will be the best part of the party for her

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