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Is your baby also not eating properly in summers!

Hello smart mommies and daddies, Welcome back to, so, the summers and heat are at its peak, and I am getting a new experience this summer with my baby that he is losing his appetite due to so high temperature. Am I the only mother who is experiencing it or almost all mothers having the same issue with their babies’ proper meal?

As the summer arrived my baby started to refuse the meal. I really got tensed and discussed it with many of my friends as well as the doctor. After talking to many mothers I observed that this is not only me but many mothers have the same issue. There is not a matter of tension but summer is a time to get a new diet chart for your baby and add some hydrated thing instead of some other snack and oily foods.

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I know many of you parents are also really getting tensed with the babies not eating properly in summers. I consult my problem with pediatric, my friends and did a lot of internet surfing to know about some tasty and yummy summers foods so that the babies can enjoy the meal. So, I got a better solution to win over the loss of appetite of our babies and really want to share with you all so that you can take care proper of your baby with healthy summer foods.

So, first of all, let’s have a look at the changes in babies that we all mothers are experiencing with the arrival of summer.

  • Our kids don’t want to eat the heavy oily things As like winters and they totally refuse the heavy hot food whenever we offer our kids in their meal. The same is changing in my baby’s eating mood. He loves to eat the spicy things during winters but as the summers have arrived and especially with the arrival of May when the temperature is extremely high he doesn’t want to eat his breakfast, lunch or dinner in a proper way. This is the very first change I observed in him with the arrival of summer.
  • Some of my friends experienced that their baby had not totally stopped eating but the quantity of eating food decrease to less than half which they ate before.
  • The next change is eager to drinking water. My baby always asks me to give him water instead, of food. Whenever I offer him food he refuses and gives me a sign of drinking water. I remember that in March or April when the weather had started to change I keep on forcing him to drink water but he ignores and now in summers he always wants to drink water.
  • The liking of solid foods has changed into liquid things like shake, juice or any other cold beverages.
  • Now in summers my son doesn’t want to drink the hot milk. Now his liking has been changed into the cold milk.
  • The fruits and salads now became the first choice of my son instead of any other home prepared food like khichdi or Dalia.
  • At the present time when June has almost started, my baby’s body doesn’t need any solid foods to be active for the whole day. He needs liquid things and fruits to play for the whole day.
  • In winters when I used to eat anything my son comes and gives me the sign that he also wants to eat. But in summers he never shows interest to eat anything. However, he cannot tell anything in words and makes me understand the things through some sign or improper word which I can easily understand.
  • Sometimes when he is hungry and starts crying then also he only wants the summer friendly foods rather than any other oily snacks.
  • If anytime he eats something heavy in morning or evening breakfast then surely he will skip his lunch or dinner respectively

These are some of the basic changes which I experienced as the summer came. I assure you that you all have also experienced the same thing and really getting tensed that your baby is not eating properly in summers. I have adopted some new diet chart for my son that includes his liking foods which not only give him the energy but also strengthen his immune system to fight with all types of summer disease.

Here are some of the changes which I made and believe I really saw that now my son is showing interest in taking his appropriate meals which can give him sufficient energy to do the playing activities all along the day. However, the quantity of taking food is still less than before but still, I am satisfied with the results. Have a look:

Snacks changed into fruits

The very first changes I made in my baby’s meal is swapping of oily or heavy breakfast with fruits and vegetables. You can include many summer fruits like, grapes, watermelon, musk melon, banana, pomegranates and many other fruits which are easily available and liked b your baby. I have written one another article with the title “summer fruits to delight your baby”. Here you will get an idea of the hydrated summer fruits which will help to beat the heat effects in your babies. You can also add the salad like cucumber and tomato instead of heavy snacks. This will keep your baby hydrated as well as active and they will also not feel hungry.

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Avoid the heat rich foods

In summers avoid the foods which provide the heat to human’s body like dry fruits, selected vegetables, selected grains, spicy foods, oily and junk foods and many other foods which is actually a rich source of giving heat to the body. I am a pure vegetarian but those who are non-vegetarian please try to avoid the non-veg foods and even eggs from baby’s diet chart. In winters these are a very good and healthy option for non-veg eaters but in summers it will not work properly inside the body of your baby. The more heat rich foods will make the body heavy, the problem of heartburning, feeling of laziness, lots of sweating and many other bad effects which is not good for your baby’s body.

Dairy products

Milk is very essential for babies but in summers as I experienced they don’t drink the milk. So, what I did is that I just changed the form of milk giving to him in curd, yogurt, milkshake or cold milk with homemade rose sharbat, badam Rogan or thandai. This worked very well on my baby and I hope that your baby will also love to have it.

Homemade Juice

I also added the homemade juice in my baby’s daily routine. Homemade Juice is very good for overall health. If you are giving the market’s packed juice to our baby then please avoid it because it never provides the cooling effect and the added sugar does not react in a healthy way inside the body.

Intake of water

The water is very essential for our body as well as our baby’s body. So, keep hydrated to your baby in summer with sufficient amount of water. But don’t give much water before his meal time otherwise he will skip his meal because his tummy will be full of water.

Avoid tea, coffee, and cold drinks

Many kids love to have tea and coffee, but this is not good for kids in the summer. However, this should be avoided in winters too for babies. My baby is too small and he had not even tasted these beverages but I had added this point for the mothers who have big children and they are habitual of drinking cold drinks, tea, and coffee.

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