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Baby Massage: Process and Steps

The baby massage is a very good process to make your baby strong and healthy. The toddlers love to get a massage because they feel very relaxed during this time. The massage also improves the baby’s sleep. You can take an example of yours that when you get the body spa or massage then how you feel? Your answer in one word will be, AWESOME, then why not our babies to feel the awesomeness of taking the massage.

Apart from comfort and relaxation, the massage to the baby’s body makes a strong relationship between parents and baby. The skin touch of your hand will make him to response you in every touch. It will create a deep bond with your baby. There are many other benefits of baby massage which you will get to know when you will do massage to your baby. Here are the benefits of baby massage


There are many massage oils available in the market for babies but you have to choose wisely among them. According to me, it will be best if you avoid artificial scented oil because they are consists of many cosmetic chemicals. The natural oil is good for babies.

  • Coconut Oil: In summers you can use the coconut oil for massage. This oil remains cool and had many essential minerals in it. This is natural and had almost no side effects on the baby’s body.
  • Mustard oil: You can use the original mustard oil for massage in winters. It strengthens the bones and muscles. Its properties are hot so this is a good option to use in winters for the babies.
  • Coconut oil with Shea butter: If your baby’s skin is drier then you can use the coconut oil mixed with Shea butter. This will help to keep baby’s body hydrated and moisturized.
  • Olive oil: The live oil is also a good and natural option for baby massage. This is suitable in any climate. I had always preferred olive oil for baby’s massage until he was 7 months. After that, I used mustard oil because it was winters and now using coconut oil.


Baby massage is very for baby but only if it has done in the correct way. Follow the step by step baby massage process to make it more effective.

  • Place your baby in front of you and then start massaging him. Try to use natural lights as much as possible. If you are in the room then try to keep the room temperature normal according to the climate.
  • Start with the baby’s feet and legs. Lift one leg upwards and then gently massage his leg. Take your hands gently towards upward from foot to thighs.
  • After Legs, you can proceed towards arms. Like legs you have to massage his palms first and fingers. You can give circulate stroke on his forearms and then gently rub your hands in the same process.
  • After hands and legs, you have to massage his chest and shoulder. Massage your baby’s chest from both the hands in the left and right side. Make gentle strokes from the bottom of the sternum, the chest bone and across the chest.
  • The next step is toward Tummy. Massage your baby’s tummy with soft hands. Don’t give pressure on baby’s tummy because this is a very delicate area. Start from belly to the below of the chest. Do the massage in the clockwise direction and avoid massaging around the belly button as it is very sensitive because of the Umbilical cord.
  • The next step is to massage the face and head of the baby. You can start the massage on the face by placing your finger on the center of baby’s forehead and slowly come down to the chin. From chin goes towards cheeks and then forehead. Keeps repeating the process in a circular motion.
  • After face starts massaging his head with a smooth head. Place your fingertips on the scalp and don’t pressure the head so much as this is a very sensitive part of the baby.
  • Finally the back massage. This is loved by all the babies. My son keeps enjoying the back massage so much. You can start the back massage from the baby’s upper back and slowly come down towards his bumps. So the massage with palm and in the clockwise direction.


  • Never start the hard massage to the baby before he completes his one month. This is because the baby’s skin is underdeveloped at birth time. Almost afters15 days the skin will become the water resistance.
  • Whenever you do massage and feels that the baby is feeling irritated and he is not comfortable then stop doing massage. When a baby is in the mood to take massage then only do it.
  • Always do massage with smooth and light hands. Don’t give pressure on your baby’s body while massaging.
  • Choose oil which is good for your baby. If you see any allergic reaction from particular oil then avoids it. If any type of oil is not suited in his body then do consult with your doctor to know if the baby is having any type of skin allergies.
  • Enjoy and do the massage. You can make faces; talk with your baby, smile at him and many other fun activities which will make him interested to stay busy in a massage.
  • Make sure to give him a bath after the massage. If bath will take time then wipe out the oil from his hands which he can take in his mouth.
  • A routine for anything is good and it will make habitual to your baby. Fix a time to give a baby massage so that he will be addicted to the massage at a particular time.

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