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Baby massage is good for constipation and gas

Constipation and gas in babies are very common and even they also feel very irritating during this time. Often babies have to go through an unusual bowel movement but they can’t say their problems in words. But you know the babies know all the ways to express their feelings by giving various signs. It is our duty to catch the sign of our babies and give them relief.

The baby massage is one of the most effective home remedies for constipation and gas problems. Exercise is good for the human body. As like in adults, body movement also stimulates the baby’s bowels. But they cannot move their body so we have to take care of them to release their bowel and acidity. The tummy massage has the power which can make the tummy happy and constipated-free.

Constipation and gas in babies are not a big problem and can be treated very well at home. Even some doctors firstly recommend home remedies to treat the upset tummy. If home remedies fail then they suggest some medical guidelines. So, always keep this thing in your mind try to ease your baby’s problem firstly at home and avoid medicine as much as possible. But if you feel that there is no relaxation in the colic after treatment at home then stop the home remedies and consult your doctor as soon as possible.

The massage of the tummy is not that easy to overcome the problem. Only the right techniques can have positive effects which can relieve the baby’s stomach problems. Here are a few steps which will give you the guidelines for digestion massage. Check out:

  • The very first thing to manage is the correct massage position of your baby. Lay down your baby in front of you on his back. Make sure that both of you are comfortable.
  • Take the best quality oil or massage cream. As like old saying that mustard oil massage is good for the constipated body. But now mothers avoid oil because of its impurity. So, choose the cream or oil of your choice.
  • Start with the top of the baby’s rib cage and bring your palm down in a sweeping motion by gently pressing the tummy. This point will help in releasing the air gas down and get the way to pass out. This process will also help in built-up the pressure. Repeat the same message pattern several time to get effective results.
  • The next step is to massage the belly button. Place your fingertips on the belly button area of your baby and start to massage in a circular motion in a clockwise pattern. Keep in mind that always do this step with a soft hand and in slow motion because the belly button of small babies is very sensitive.
  • The digestion massages also include the legs workout. Hold your baby’s ankles and gently press his legs towards his chest. After that, you have to hold it in such a manner for a few seconds so that the massage can do its work in the tummy. You can also move his legs like we pedal the bicycle.
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I LOVE YOU Technique Massage

This is a very simple massage but its name creates so much curiosity to know that this is which type of massage. So, let you know about the I Love You technique massage. This is a simple trick of writing “I” down the left side and then an upside-down “L” followed by an upside-down “U” on the baby’s tummy. Use your index and middle finger to write the letters. When you finish the massage then put your hands on the baby’s abdomen to make your baby comfortable. Repeat the process several times to get effective results. This massage is very helpful in releasing gas and proper bowel movement.

Precaution to be taken during tummy massage

Many people think that massage is a very easy thing to do but in actuality it needs concentration and correct technique. If the massage is done in the wrong way then it may have several side effects for example if you have used hard hands for tummy massage then it may cause pain and colic for the baby. Check out several other precautions to cure any type of massage problems in a baby’s tummy:

  • Use the best quality of oil and cream for massage. Check the products if it is having an allergic reaction to the baby’s body.
  • Avoid the high tables or beds to massage your baby. Always sit on the floor mat and do the massage. Sometimes babies flip down from the high surface during the massage.
  • Massage your baby if he is ready and in a mood to get relaxation. Don’t force you, baby, to massage as in that case you will see no effect of massaging on the baby’s body.
  • Never give force pressure during belly massage as it may pain to the baby. Always use gentle or moderate pressure.
  • Avoid tummy massage till the baby’s umbilical cord has fallen off and the area has completely healed.
  • Always use a circular motion in a clockwise direction for a tummy massage. This is the correct way of massaging for better digestion.
  • If you are massaging your baby’s chest then apply outward strokes.

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