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Baby Growth And Development

Baby growth and development can be divided into various stages depending on who the psychological proponent of the stage. The most famous stages of development are of Sigmund Freud’s. The psychosexual development.

It starts with the infancy stage from zero to about three months where the baby is newly born and has yet to learn all that he can about the world. The baby is not yet fully developed he still needs adult supervision to try and get around this new world.

The next stage would be the oral stage where he starts to suck on the digits whether it be the toes or fingers. Next is the latency stage which focuses on the development of other fields like walking and the recognition of sound and other physical manifestations as well.

The last stage would be the genital stage where he is bound to explore his private parts. This is just one school of thought for a lot of psychologists and doctors as well. There are various stages that infants have to go through if they want to develop fully well.

According to some experts, the first few months of development is where visual and sound recognition starts to manifest. To be exact, this starts during the second month of development. In the third and fourth months, he starts to follow moving objects and allows himself to be entertained by playing games and singing songs.


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In the fifth month of development, he is now able to ingest solid objects as well as generous amounts of milk and other solid foods that will be able to nourish him and help in his development as a child.

By the sixth to the seventh month, he will now be able to hold on to various objects in his surroundings. He will also be able to develop motor skills and be able to crawl and roll to his side. The baby will also be able to start sitting without the support of all you still need to be there to hoist him up to fully balance himself.

In the last four months, he will then be able to start walking as well as into his own sounds which will eventually form words and help them communicate well. It is actually climbed to take care of babies as long as you know what to expect.  It is not only one but it can also be fulfilling on the part of the mother.

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So if you want to be a parent you will have to be very well educated about the stages of development for children especially because you would want to be well prepared when it comes to helping the child learn about the new world that he or she is about to enter as a fully grown human.

This is something very important because you would have to be a friend, a teacher, and a parent to your child at the same time. This is also why it’s difficult and fulfilling to be a parent at the same time.

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