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Ayurvedic treatment for Postpartum Depression

The most emotional period of life for a woman is when she becomes a Mother. But life after delivery becomes very tough and hard for mothers to tackle their baby’s sudden changing emotions.  The continuous crying, frequent feeding, changing diapers, sleepless nights, sometimes family issues and many other things which are new for a mother and she is not ready and prepared for all the sudden changes. Some mothers can overcome the situation with their friends and family support but some of them can’t handle the exhaustion and face the Postpartum Depression.

In Ayurveda, the Postpartum Depression can be treated very well and can maintain the post delivery life of a mother with good results. The Ayurvedic exists in the world over 5000 years back and maybe before that and now also many people prefer Ayurvedic medicines to cure their illness.

According to Ayurveda the changes comes after delivery is because of the ether and air elements which are popularly known as Vata in Ayurveda world. The Vata dosh happens when there is an unbalancing of Shukra Dhatu and the lactation tissue which is known as stanya Vata Srota.

The 42 days after delivery is very crucial and new mothers should take care of themselves in this period. The Ayurveda had listed some basic daily routine lifestyle in these 42 days so that the possibility of postpartum depression lowers down. Have a look at some of the Ayurvedic remedies which will help you to stay happy and stress-free,


Ayurvedic doctors will suggest you about your dincharya means the daily life routine so that you can get an idea that how to manage your day.  You can start your day with the yoga and meditation which will keep you refreshing all day. If your family is with you then involve them in baby-caring so that you can get time to relax. If you are with husband then ask him to support you either in household works or in caring for babies. In the first 42 days, it is very important for your health to take proper rest. This will give you the strength to handle your baby after a specific period of time.


If your baby is on breast milk then it is very necessary for you to have healthy diets. Dal, Khichdi, Dalia, fruits, green vegetables, milk, and many other such foods will help your Vata to be balanced. The Dry, crunchy, or raw foods that increase Vata are best avoided or eaten in moderation. You should avoid all the tamsik food like too much oily and onion-ginger related food which can affect your mental power.


Massage is the best therapy to come up from any type of health issues. The full body massage will provide relaxation and a happy mood to you. The head massage with Ayurvedic oil will cool down your frustration and exhaustion which you are feeling because of your baby. Not only to the mother but the babies also feel very relaxed when their body is getting massaged with some Ayurvedic cream or oil. However, oil is always the best option for both the mother and the baby. But one thing should always be kept in mind that the take the massage from some experienced person otherwise the force to any nerve can have the side effects. Wrap your belly and head after a massage to get the effective results.

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Herbal Tea

Avoid taking the normal tea because it harms the postpartum body. You can add herbal tea or Dasamula tea in your diet to get the toned muscle tissues and supports the flow of energy and substances like faeces and urine. Instead of adding sugar in it enjoy the taste of honey in it. You can take it twice in a day to get effective results. Drink Tulsi Green Tea daily for fitness


Good breast milk

You can add the fennel and fenugreek water in your daily routine diet so that the baby can get the better quality of milk with good quantity. The babies normally cry because they don’t get the adequate amount of milk from mother but the frequent cry can make the mothers irritated and they can lose their mental balance. You can also take the Ayurvedic Shatavari powder to provide nourishment and support for milk production.

Symptoms of Postpartum Depression

Sometimes the new mothers became so busy in life that they can’t notice the changing mental thoughts in them. It is very necessary for other family members to understand the feelings of the new mother and help her to come up from the depression. We have listed some of the basic postpartum depression symptoms which will help you to know whether you are going in the darkness of depression or not. Check out:

  • You feel unable to care for your baby.
  • Always feel sad and hopeless for your coming life.
  • A new mother with postpartum depression always feels like crying and mostly they pass their day with crying like anything.
  • You are unable to accept the baby and frustrating in making the bond with your baby.
  • Don’t want to eat food or anything which you liked before delivery or pregnancy.
  • Less interest in sex.
  • No interest in going parlor or self-care.
  • You always feel lazy and don’t want to do anything.
  • Loss of memory and facing trouble in focusing, learning and concentrating on anything

The Postpartum Depression is actually the cause of the mental disorder and this can be treated with support and love of the family and friends. It is seen that employed women have less risk of such mental depression in comparing to the housewives. Doctors suggest that the new mothers, who take the healthy diet, maintain the regular physical workouts and stay social in meeting people and attending parties and kitty and other functions were able to manage their post delivery time very well and without facing any depression.

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