Ayurvedic Treatment For Aids

AIDS is a disease that is spreading like wildfire all over the world killing millions of people. Millions of dollars are being spent on R&D to find the causes and its cure.   More and more people are turning to Ayurveda as it may contain the deadly virus that causes AIDs.  Aids virus destroys the immune system of the human body and weakens the body. This gives way to disease and the body is unable to fight them as the condition weakens the blood cells, plasma, tissues, bone marrow, reproductive and other tissues. One of the diseases that occur in this way is a vaginal wart. 

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Ayurveda is an ancient Indian medical system focusing on preventive and healthy lifestyles and natural remedies.  Being the oldest medical science that dates back to over 5000 years ago, it may not have cures for modern-day diseases. Ayurveda has remedies for similar symptoms that are found in the case of AIDs.

People generally want to avoid using strong medicines or antibiotics fearing severe side effects. They seek natural remedies and Ayurveda has natural and effective medicines that can control the symptoms. The name of the disease that has symptoms as of AIDS is referred to as Rajyakshma meaning the king of diseases.  The Ayurvedic classics like Charaka Samhita by sage Charak, Ashtanga Hridayam by Vaghbatta, and Ashtanga Sangraham have a clear descriptions of the symptoms that are identically similar to those of AIDS.  It is accepted by doctors that Ayurveda is one of the most effective methods of boosting immunity in the human body.

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The Symptoms

The person suffers from prolonged fever, loss of appetite, sleeplessness, fatigue, skin irritations and sudden and drastic loss of weight, allergies and contagious disease, etc. The digestive system is disturbed causing diarrhea, gastritis, and dysentery.    Wide fluctuations in body temperature may be present. The person may become prone to frequent attacks of allergy and contagious diseases. Respiratory disorders may lead to tuberculosis.


Some of the factors that lead to AIDS

  • The most common cause is unhygienic sexual activities such as oral sex without the use of a condom
  • Indulging in indiscriminate sex with multiple partners
  • Failure to keep the genitals clean
  • Using dirty or contaminated water for washing the body parts
  • Infusion of contaminated blood 

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Ayurved treatment for AIDS

Ayurveda has two approaches to the treatment of AIDS. The first is to boost the immunity of the body. The other is to counter the ill effects of the virus through the administration of specific medicines.   The treatment starts with the use of tonics for rejuvenation of the body such as Ajamamsa Rasayana. This is made of ghee from cow’s milk and an extract of goat’s meat.

Ayurvedic medication

To stimulate appetite and strengthen the internal systems Indukantham Ghritha is used. Rasasindoor that contains purified mercury is also useful and the treatment is given. Continued for six months, depending on the patient’s condition and the severity of the disease, this method is found to yield good results. The liver is strengthened through medication. This can prevent further damage to the immune system and premature death is prevented.

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When the patient is well enough, elimination techniques called Shodhana are used to get rid of toxins from the body through processes like enema, purgation, and emesis.  These medications are ghee-based and cooling in nature and are usually gentle on the patients. This results in purifying the blood and boosting immunity.

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Building Immunity

The body is further strengthened by intake of a nutritious diet and controlled consumption of alcohol as Anupana that helps in digestion and removes any obstruction in the blood vessels. Medicines such as Chyavanaprasha, Raktavardhak, Sookshma, and Triphala containing herbs and minerals and prepared in special ways are helpful in fighting disease.

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Chyavanaprasha is found to be highly effective in fighting AIDS. It is made of Amla the Indian gooseberry with is rich in Vitamin Cit also contains anti-oxidants like bioflavonoid, Vitamin A and Vitamin B. Amla (Amalaki) has antifungal and antibacterial properties that improve digestion and lowers high cholesterol and blood pressure. Made using more than 35 herbs Chyavanaprasha has a high potency to fight AIDS and causes no side effects.

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