Ayurvedic Remedy For Piles

A person is said to be suffering from piles when the anal veins become swollen and bluish. The enlarged blood vessels are found in and outside the anus and are known as internal or external piles. If it is accompanied by bleeding they are called bleeding piles. When the bleeding is excessive, it may lead to anemia.  The most common people who suffer from piles are elderly persons, some pregnant women, those who lead a sedentary lifestyle while overeating. People who indulge in the consumption of unhealthy foods like spicy and oily foods, meat, wine, etc., and without physical exercise are more prone to piles. If allowed to persist, piles can lead to cancerous growth and fissures, and more. 

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Piles and Ayurveda

Arshas is the name given to Piles in Ayurveda classified into two categories namely dry piles and bleeding piles.  Dry piles are usually accompanied by severe pain and the bleeding piles results in the sufferer becoming weaker.

Ayurveda lays a lot of emphasis on the right eating, lifestyle, and habits to lead a healthy life. This ancient healthcare system advocates the necessity for keeping the body in harmony with the outer world and balanced from within. There are three doshas in the body that should be maintained in balance as the disturbed doshas will lead to disorders.

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Causes of Piles

The main causes of piles are related to diet and lifestyle. They are

  • Chronic constipation
  • Lessor no exercise
  • Sedentary lifestyle – without physical activity
  • Damaged liver 

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Ayurvedic Remedies 

  • Apply cream made using Marigold, Morse chestnut, and pilewort.
  • A few drops of Cypress or Juniper oil in the bathwater can improve blood circulation in the area.
  • Marjoram and Rosemary oil or any vegetable oil can be used to massage the abdomen.
  • A compound made of herbs and minerals is recommended by Ayurveda to be taken twice daily with buttermilk or warm water continuously for 40 days. This is a highly effective Ayurvedic treatment for piles.
  • Add a teaspoonful of castor oil to warm milk or tea for making the stool softer so that it becomes painless and easy to pass.
  • Triphala tablets can be taken at bedtime with water. Two spoonfuls of this powder should be mixed with lukewarm water at bedtime regularly. The sufferer should sit for about 30 minutes in the bathtub filled with warm water in which Triphala churna is mixed. This can provide much relief to the patient suffering from piles.

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The patient should not avoid passing stools for fear of pain. This will aggravate the condition and may necessitate surgery. Avoid sitting on a hard seat, too much sex, or horse riding as a preventive measure for piles.

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