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Ayurveda And Sound Sleep

Sleep disorders are increasingly becoming common in recent times due to the pressures of the competitive world and fast life.  Without proper rest, the body and mind can lose their full potential and give way to disorders.  A good night’s sleep is vital for a healthy body and mind to perform with alertness and energy.

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In Ayurveda, a lot of emphasis is laid on a good night’s sleep as it enhances Ojas, the life energy.  Ojas maintains the balance between the body, mind, and inner self of a person. Ojas is the energy formed by the digestion of food and nourishing the entire body and is considered the life-supporting force in the body. It protects the body’s immune system and the mind from stress.

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Three Types of Sleep Disorders

There are three types of sleep disorders suffered by most people

  • Sleep onset or problem in falling asleep and sleep is very light and restless
  • Imbalance in sleep maintenance as there is a frequent interruption and inability to go back to sleep
  • A feeling of tiredness in the morning after with body ache and a lethargic mind

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Ayurveda classifies sleep disorders as follows

  •  Vata sleep imbalance
  •  Pitta sleep imbalance is mainly due to emotional trauma
  • Kapha sleep imbalance causing dullness and lethargic feeling after a deep and long sleep

Ayurvedic Herbs for Getting Good Sleep 

  • Pipplomool Churna can be taken with water at bedtime for sound sleep.
  • Swarnamakhshik Bhasma taken with jaggery at bedtime can also help in inducing good uninterrupted sleep.
  • Rubbing some oils on the scalp and on the soles of the feet is the most effective in inducing good sleep. Brahmi oil, Sesame oil, Jasmine oil, Jatamansi oil, and cow’s ghee are used for massaging gently after warming the oil slightly.
  • Using a blend of aroma oils in the bedroom creates a calm and relaxing environment and helps in balancing the mind and body well after falling asleep.

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Ayurvedic Tips for Sound Sleep 

  • Let go of any tension or worry at night. Go to bed with a feeling of thankfulness for all the good things in life.
  • Keep your bedroom cool as a cool atmosphere induces good sleep. Make sure the bedroom is well ventilated to get an undisturbed sleep.
  • Ayurveda suggests sleeping with your head to the east as it promotes a meditative sleep.  Lie down with your face to the south as it can draw energy to your body.
  • A balanced diet taken at regular intervals boosts metabolism and induces sound sleep during the night.
  • Regular balanced exercise also helps in getting good sleep.
  • Avoid stimulants like coffee and alcohol at night.
  • Wear comfortable clothing for sleep
  • Deep breathing in the bed helps to relax your body and mind.

A good night’s sleep is essential as it helps you stay alert and focused during the next day and can keep your body and mind healthy in general.

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