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Average Weight and Height of babies

The babies enter the world with different height and weight and they grow at their own pace.  All the babies have their unique personality right from their birth. The different height and weight of the baby depend on their growth and this can be easily understood by the babies growth chart. The chart can be easily available at your pediatric or any health care will plot your child’s growth on a chart to make sure that the baby’s growth is on track.

You can take the help of your doctor to understand the way of using the chart and how it can be beneficial to you. If you don’t want to rush to the doctor every month to track the baby’s growth on the chart then you yourself can detect their exact height and weight from this chart. To make it easier we are going to tell you how to read the baby growth chart and interpret the results.

First, have a look at the standard weight and height chart for the babies of 0-12 months of Age:

Hight Weight Babies

This is the exact weight and height chart of a baby. This chart will help you to know that your baby’s growth is on track or not. This will also let you know about the nutrition status of a child. If your baby is underweight then you must consult your doctor about the matter. However, the weight and height depend on genetic and many other factors but this is not for all the babies. If you feel that your baby is not growing according to his age then don’t neglect it.

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The Importance of Baby’s Growth Chart

The Growth chart is very important and helping thing for the parents to know that whether the baby is growing properly or not. The starting years of the baby are very crucial as they are very sensitive and can catch any disease easily. So, as a parent, it is our duty to look at the proper height and weight of the baby through the baby growth chart. Many parents are living with a myth that the chubbier baby is a healthy baby. But this is not the fact because every child is born different and there is no ideal height and weight for a baby, but there is a growth pattern which most of the babies follow.

Maintain a graph to know the exact growth of the baby from birth.  The graph line of height and weight of your baby depends upon his birth height and birth weight. This is very useful for the doctors too as they can determine the child’s health condition if needed.

The prepared growth chart right from the baby’s birth allows the doctor to assess his growth against the national average height and weight growth pattern among babies.

Here are some of the factors which can affect the baby’s weight and height. Check out:

  • The weight and height of a baby mostly depend on the parents’ body Many babies are underweight and short in height but they are very active and healthy. So, try to understand the difference between malnutrition and genetic qualities.
  • If the babies are premature then their height will be short than other babies. On the other hand, the babies born past their due dates may be larger than average.
  • During pregnancy, a woman should take a healthy diet because it really helps the baby to grow properly. Sometimes lack of nutrients in the diet makes the baby weak along with many deficiencies. It is very important to eat healthy things like fruits, green leafy vegetables, dairy products, whole grains, etc.
  • Sometimes bad habits like smoking, drinking alcohol, or taking recreational drugs can affect your baby’s birth growth and which affect for a long time. Give first priority to your pregnancy and baby. Try to accept healthy habits because might your bad habits will affect your baby’s health forever.
  • Don’t compare the baby girl and baby boy because there is a slight difference to both of them in respect to their height and weight. During the birth time, the boys tend to be larger and girls to be smaller.
  • Sometimes the health condition of a mother also affects the baby’s growth in the womb. Many diseases like diabetes, gestational high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, and obesity may affect your baby’s weight. If you know that you are suffering from any disease then do consult with your doctor before conceiving so that you can get the treatment along with pregnancy so that your baby stays healthy in the womb and during birth.
  • The growth of the babies also depends on the number of babies in the womb. If you are carrying twins, triplets, or more babies in your womb then obviously the weight of each baby will be much less than the singleton pregnancy. The height and weight depend on how much space they have to share.
  • It is said that the firstborn child is always smaller than their coming.
  • In some cases, if your baby is affected by any disease like jaundice or any other infection during birth time then gradually he will lose his weight and suffer from the lack of growth afterwards.

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