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Average Height and Weight of 6 months old babies

The height and weight of your child will change and vary from time to time. And the normal weight and height of the child can be determined by a number of factors. The baby weight may vary for both boys and girls. Hence, there are a number of ways by which the parents will come to know and be assured if their infants both height and weight growth falls within limits. But first, let’s have a look at how to do the growth charts work, and what actually is the average baby weight chart.

Growth Charts: –

Growth charts are nothing but a basic tool to understand the normal height and weight growth of the child. Growth charts allow your doctor to track your baby’s growth and development. The growth charts provide national height and weight averages for babies of the same age.

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A baby, having normal growth and development should fall on the average baby weight chart and height chart between the 5th and 95th percentile. In other words, the growth chart is a tool to determine whether the baby’s weight and height are developing as they are supposed to. The height and weight of both baby boy and baby girl tend to be different because boys are meant to be slightly taller and heavier than girls on average and have different growth patterns as well.

Thus, if you know a baby boy’s growth chart nicely, then you can check your baby girl’s height and weight accurately too.

Hence, below is an example-

Age in Months Length (cm) – 3rd to 97th percentile       Weight (Kg) – 3rd to 97th percentile        Head circumference (cm) – 3rd to 97th percentile

Hight Weight Baby Chart

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Thus, here is a perfect example to note a baby boy’s normal development measurements. So, if you have a baby girl, then she should fall somewhere in between these rates. While weighing a baby, the nurse will completely strip the baby, so that she could achieve an accurate result of the baby’s weight.

For the baby’s height, the nurse will measure from the top of your baby’s head to the bottom of their heel. Therefore, the average baby weight chart for a 6-month old girl infant should be between 12.9 and 19lbs. The average height should be between 24 to 27.25 inches tall, whereas for a 6-months old baby boy it should be 14.4 and 21.2 lbs, while the height should fall between 24.8 and 28.25 inches tall.

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Kid-Akarsh Mandial

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If your baby is chubby, which means if he/ she fall above the 95th percentile on the growth chart, still don’t stop feeding the baby, as they require proper nutrition, including essential fats? But if you still want to control, then instead of giving the baby snacks and desserts, give them pureed fruits and vegetables, without any added sugar. Finally, thus, always look after your baby and encourage them to play actively and move around as much as possible.

Factors Influencing Baby’s Growth: –     

From the moment of conception, there are different factors that affect the size of your baby. While in the womb, genetics and what you eat or drink affects the growth of your baby. After birth, the growth depends on genetics as well as on the type of food and drink they get. Hence, the important factors which may influence your baby’s growth are: –

  1. Feeding-Breast milk contains all the essential requirements that your baby needs. All the nutrition that is essential for your baby’s normal growth comes from feeding. Until six months at least, the child is dependent on breast milk, so make sure you also consume all-important nutrients.
  2. Mother’s Health During Pregnancy-The way you live, or whatever you consume, in short, your lifestyle has a major influence on how your baby will develop.
  3. Baby’s Weight- The birth weight, that is, the baby weight, is an indicator of how well the baby was actually nourished during pregnancy. Therefore, if they have a higher weight at birth, then they tend to grow slowly and gradually.
  4. Hereditary-Genes also play a very important role, in the baby’s development. Babies whose parents tend to be taller are expected to fall in a higher percentile of height and weight.
  5. Minor Ailments-There is certain minor diseases too, like flu and ear infections that can temporarily affect the baby’s growth. They won’t feed well during this time, but once they start recovering, they will feel better.
  6. Mother’s Health After Pregnancy- There are various problems post-delivery as well, like postnatal depression.  So, if the mother is unwell or suffers from postnatal depression, then it can affect the way of her taking care of the child. However, it will improve once the mother starts recovering.
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Kid – Akarsh Mandial

When To Consult A Doctor?

Consult a doctor if you observe that your baby’s percentile changes significantly. In this case, the average baby weight chart and height chart may help. However, sometimes the chart is not everything.

Conclusion: –

Thus, to understand if your baby is growing properly, plot his height and weight regularly. And look to it if both you and your baby are consuming essential nutrients.

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