Average Cost Of Surrogacy

Surrogate pregnancy is an option available for those couples who experience infertility, and especially when the woman is not in a position to physically carry a baby or carry a pregnancy. And, because of the various complexities, the couples often use a surrogate agency which helps them in finding a surrogate mother and guiding the whole procedures. So, it often becomes very difficult to determine the average cost of surrogacy.

However, it has been estimated that a surrogate birth costs around $ 60,000 and $80,000, and the whole procedure is very complicated and involves many complexities. Some of these include:

The fees of a Surrogate Mother: The fee charged by the surrogate mother often varies widely. A stranger, who would be helping the couple during the procedures, would charge between $13,000 and $25,000. However, some surrogates also charge additional fees for cesarean birth or for any kind of complications.

Miscellaneous expenses: Apart from the surrogate mother fees, there are several other fees, which need to be paid on behalf of the surrogacy. These include maternity clothing expenses, travel expenses, a life insurance policy to protect the mother’s family and additional health insurance coverage.

Medical Expenses: The couple is also required to pay the medical charges which are associated with surrogacy. These include: Fertility medications of $400 to $2,000, IVF charges of $ 4,900 to $ 8,000, sperm preparation charges: $200 to $ 400 per cycle. Then, it also includes frozen embryo transfers which cost around $750.

Agency fees: The typical costs of the agency go around $ 60,000. As they include the administrative fees and service fees. For example, the International Assisted Reproduction Center in Minnesota charges administrative fees of $ 16,000 and $13,000 to $ 25,000 for providing the surrogate services.

Legal Fees: Since the laws of surrogacy differ from state to state, so one should seek advice from an experienced lawyer if it is required. The fees for legal representation costs nearly $ 1,000 to $ 8,000.

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So, the payment arrangement also varies widely in the case of surrogacy. Some of the parties want to pay face to face, while some of the parties pay when the child is born and others pay in monthly installments. One can also negotiate with the surrogate mother. Some surrogates accept lower fees. Then, since surrogacy and the related infertility treatments are not covered by health insurance, so dealing with the financial aspects often becomes a challenging one.

Many of the agencies, however, do provide financial planning but it is always recommended to read the terms of the agreement carefully. Under these plans, they do not charge any interest for six months, but they often charge for the entire amount, if one is unable to make their payments.

However, if one is concerned about the high cost of surrogacy, then, one might opt for the several other surrogacy options which are available in the world. As, according to the recent survey, it has been observed that most American women are hiring Indian surrogates and instead of paying up to $70,000 in the United States, one hire an Indian surrogate mother and it costs around $ 12,000. But, this approach has, however, become a controversial issue as people feel that many poor women are exploited by this kind of surrogacy arrangement.

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