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Foods Rich In Antioxidants


Antioxidants have the capability to protect the body against damage caused by free radicals. Free radicals are released into the body as a result of metabolism. In addition to the natural process that is responsible for the release for free radicals, chemicals that are found in cigarette smoke and in …

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Antioxidants in Pregnancy Good For Kids


According to recent research, it has been found that antioxidants in pregnancy are good for kids, as it reduces the chances of contracting obesity or diabetes by the offspring. Another research has proved that around thirty-six percent of the deformities that are present in newborn babies can get reduced if …

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Spider Veins On Face


The face is the most visible part of the body. That is why so much is done to keep it beautiful. Maybe one of the most unfortunate things to happen to the face is the emergence of spider veins. Not a pretty sight, but fortunately today, there are ways to …

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The Best Stretch Mark Creams for Pregnancy

streatch mark cream in pregnancy

Well, when it comes to stretch marks what do you think could be the most common reason? Yes, the universal answer, pregnancy. It is a great thought to bring a child into the world but it is not really nice to know that what remains on your body post-pregnancy are …

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Side Effects Of Kava Kava


Kava kava is a rhizome-based plant native to the western pacific islands that are used to produce a beverage popular among the pacific cultures in Polynesia, Melanesia, and even parts of Australia. Kava Kava Herbal Extract Effects Its chief use is as a sedative that is used to bring about relaxation …

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How To Dry Herbs


Sometimes you can go out and get some herbs that cannot be used in their green state. In fact, when handling them you ought to know how to dry herbs. It becomes challenging when there is no sun. The gloomy weather can be very discouraging and no matter how you …

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Cardiovascular Health And Cayenne Pepper


It is very important to note that the cayenne pepper is not a herb but it is a fruit-only that this fruit possesses the healing properties that most of the herbs have with them. The cayenne pepper is in the same family as jalapeno and bell pepper. The cayenne pepper …

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Valerian Roots Side Effects

Valerian roots

Despite the benefits that are associated with the use of the Valerian roots, the side effects can not be overlooked. The herb is a perennial root with an effective herbal remedy with side effects on top of it. Among the side effects that are possible with the use of the …

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Benefits Of Mistletoe Plant


To tell you all about the mistletoe plant let’s begin with the stories people tell. It is known to attach itself to the apple or the oak trees. That gives you something to wonder about. That is not all about the mistletoe plant. Could someone tell whether the mistletoe knows …

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