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Aswagandha Uses And Benefits

Ashwagandha is an Indian herb and it is often known as the Indian counterpart of ginseng. There are many Asian therapies that use ashwagandha. Stress-relieving is one of the major ashwagandhas uses and there are many stress-relieving medicines that use this herb as its major constituent. Rheumatic diseases, tuberculosis, and various types of skin problems can be treated with ashwagandha because of its anti-inflammatory properties. Panic attacks can be controlled to a large extent with the help of this herb. And since ashwagandha works well as a stress reliever, it is also used for treating conditions like hypertension and several mental problems.

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Ashwagandha Benefits

According to a recent study it was found out those patients who were given ashwagandha during the tenure of treatment, had experienced an improvement in their conditions related to anxiety and panic attacks. It is advised that pregnant women should not consume this herb because its side effects during the time of pregnancy are not known and many reports claim that it can cause abortion. Generally, ashwagandha should be consumed twice a day regularly, but it is better to consult your doctor regarding its dosage because most of the time the dosage depends on the condition that a person is suffering from. Ashwagandha also has the properties through which it can improve a person’s immune system. People suffering from various types of digestive problems are often recommended to use ashwagandha to improve their immune system.

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Ashwagandha is often used for the treatment of the common cold as it helps in unblocking the respiratory tract. The leaves of ashwagandha can be used for the treatment of conjunctivitis. The pain which is caused during the time of conjunctivitis can be relived by boiling the leaves of the herb and the steam emanating from it can be used for relieving both the itchiness and pain. Dyspepsia, which is often caused by a weak immune system, can be treated through ashwagandha.  This herb is also used by people in order to enhance their appetite. Ashwagandha is prescribed by doctors for conditions like insomnia.

Ashwagandha is also known for its aphrodisiac qualities and it is mainly used by men to enhance their libido. Conditions like premature ejaculation can also be treated with the aid of ashwagandha. Ulcers and various skin problems can be treated with the application of ashwagandha paste. Since this herb has a lot of medicinal benefits it is not uncommon to find them on the list of ingredients of many prominent medicines.

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