Asthma Caused By Allergies

In most people, asthma attacks are triggered by an allergic reaction to food or some other element in the environment. Allergies are the body’s immune reactions. Allergic asthma causes inflammation of the air pathways and hence the symptoms of breathlessness and wheezing.

Pollen allergy is fairly common and not all those allergic to it suffer from asthma. Pollen is a tiny particle plant releases to facilitate reproduction. This when it enters the airway of an asthma patient can lead to allergic reactions and cause an attack. Hence people with asthma should be careful about pollen in their surroundings as they are present in large quantities at any time. Air conditioning can help reduce in your house and hence save you from an attack. A bath can help you get rid of some residual pollen sticking to your body. Wash clothes regularly.


Dust mites are present in every house. These tiny insects feed on the dust that is present. They are one of the most common causes of allergy. The house of an asthmatic has to be cleaned regularly as these mites can make a comeback in no time. They stick to clothing, pillows, and carpets. Hence all of these should be dusted regularly and washed. Since dust mites tend to proliferate in a damp warm atmosphere, it would do well to keep the humidity level low with proper air conditioning. If pillows and cushions are zipped in plastic then mites thrive less on them. Cluttering of things results in the collection of dust and this should be avoided. Ventilation should be proper. Window panes attract a lot of dust and hence they should be clean.

Hair and dander from pets can set off an attack. Hence a person allergic should not propose to have pets. These allergens can be continuously causing allergies as they are too small to get rid of using air conditioning. All animals have this problem. If there are pets and the allergy is only mild then one has to make sure that the pet is healthy and not losing too much hair. Pets have to be washed regularly and they have to be kept outdoors as often as possible. They should not be allowed to lick and should not be allowed to sit on beds or any other furniture that is used by an allergic.

Mold and fungi can be potent allergens. Their releases can waft in the air and can enter the airways resulting in an allergy. Since mold and algae are there everywhere, care should be taken about avoiding them. Proper ventilation and sunlight help prevent their formation. The cooking ledge shouldn’t be damp and should have an exhaust. Basements should be cleaned regularly and a fungicide should be sprayed to prevent mold formation. Low levels of humidity inhibit mold formation and hence air conditioning should be set to do the same. The windows should be closed when going to be bed to avoid an attack during the night.


Milk allergy is an immune system reaction when milk is consumed. Proteins present in milk are the cause of the allergy. Some people have an immune system that simply can’t adapt to these proteins and consider the proteins as foreign bodies. Hence the immune system rushes to counter and flush these proteins out of the body. It is like any other food allergic reaction. Usually, milk allergy is seen in infants and children, and lactose intolerance on the consumption of large quantities of milk. The best way to avoid an allergy is to avoid milk and milk products. Though there is medication, milk avoidance is a sure shot. But avoiding milk means losing out on a diet that is high on nutrition. There are substitutes for milk which can help make up for the lack of it. If you are allergic to cow milk then you could try goat milk and soy milk.

About 80 percent of asthma affected have attacks due to allergy. Allergens can be present anywhere. The diet that an asthma patient consumes should be carefully examined and any allergy-causing substance should be ruled out. Caution when outdoors can help the asthmatic lead a normal life.

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