Are Missed Period A Sign Of Pregnancy

Are missed periods a sign of pregnancy? such a question may be lingering in the minds of almost all women at least once in their lifetime. The chances of pregnancy being a sign of missed periods are very high as compared to other reasons. That does not mean whenever a woman misses her periods she is necessarily pregnant so the statement Is missed periods a sign of pregnancy is not completely true.

Are missed periods a sign of pregnancy?  This question was very important in the past when the only major means to make out if a woman is pregnant was if she missed her periods. But today home pregnancy testing kits are available easily. Stress, illness, over-weight, under-weight, sudden change in lifestyle, a sudden change in medications, menopause, peri-menopause, and miscalculation of the period date are the reasons to deny the controversial statement Is missed period a sign of pregnancy?

I would like to elaborate on the above points of other reasons apart from the general question that comes to one’s mind Is missed period a sign of pregnancy?

Stress can be a major reason to miss your periods. Due to stress, a female’s body releases a certain kind of hormone which stops ovulation or menstruation. The only way to get out of this is to implement relaxation techniques like for example, Yoga.


Sudden changes in lifestyle include late working hours, night shifts, or wrong eating patterns. Sudden changes in medication indicate that if medications are being taken for anything or this happens especially in the case when birth control methods are used.

Is missed period a sign of pregnancy? is definitely not the only truth behind this statement with the other reasons for missing periods falling in place. Being overweight is a major reason for missing periods. It is observed that if obese people lose weight they come back to their normal cycle and fertility. On the other side being underweight is also a problem; some women miss their periods even if they don’t have enough body fat. Sometimes their periods may completely stop causing a medical condition ‘amenorrhea’. This condition mainly occurs in women who work-out a lot or professional in any sports activities.

The reasons we are discussing are another aspect of the statement Is missed period a sign of pregnancy? Miscalculation of periods is another reason. The length of menstrual cycle is 28 days but the case is not the same with everyone. You may miscalculate the days and think that your periods are late. Are missed periods a sign of pregnancy? This question may not be necessarily true always. In a women’s life, the transformation from reproductive age to non-reproductive age is called Perimenopause. In women above the age of 45, this might be the common reason for missed periods so the women in this age must believe in the statement Is missed periods a sign of pregnancy? The period variation may change which is abnormal. If you don’t want to be pregnant then you should continue using birth control as there are still chances of being fertile. Another reason related to Perimenopause is Menopause is when a female stops ovulation or menstruation. This can happen naturally or surgically called a hysterectomy. The above are some reasons contradicting the question Is missed periods a sign of pregnancy?

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From the age a woman starts her periods to approximately 40 years of age there are maximum chances of her getting pregnant and she should think upon Is missed periods a sign of pregnancy? To find out if you’re pregnant or not a simple home check by a pregnancy kit, urine pregnancy tests in the lab or sonography are some ways. If the test is false then consult a doctor to find out the other possible reasons for not getting periods. So stop worrying about Is missed periods a sign of pregnancy?

Is missed period a sign of pregnancy? this may not be the only symptom if you are pregnant. The other reasons include Nausea i.e includes vomiting and morning sickness, increased sense of smell and taste, dizziness and fainting, constipation, and frequent urination. The above factors also take place if a woman is pregnant apart from Is missed period a sign of pregnancy? So the moral of this article is just that Is missed period a sign of pregnancy? cannot be the only reason for missing periods.

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