Are Hairsprays Bad For Hair

Cosmetic products do a lot of good to your skin and hair.  Yet, some caution has to be exercised when using them, as the chemicals used to create them may not be 100% safe.  The first precaution you have to take to minimize risks of cosmetic usage is to opt for superior, reputed, and high-quality brands that have been around for some time.  Hairsprays also need to be chosen in this manner.

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While hairsprays help you achieve a well-groomed look and keep your hairstyle in place, it is important to choose and use them wisely or they will end up making you feel that hairsprays are generally bad for the hair.   It is also important to know the harmful side effects of hairsprays.

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Harmful side effects

  • The chemicals used for fragrance and other additives in the product may cause various allergies
  • The propellants used for facilitating the hairspray to reach the nozzle and come out as a fine spray may be harmful
  • The FDA has banned the earlier propellants like CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons) 11 and 12 because they were linked to ozone layer depletion
  • The propellants used today tend to be flammable
  • Earlier, certain lung infections like thesaurosis (when there is unwarranted storage of substances in the body) were believed to be caused by the use of hairspray, though there have been no conclusive tests to prove this
  • Hairspray should be used as sparingly as possible in a room that is well aired, in order to prevent poisoning by inhalation
  • Sometimes constant use may cause the hairspray deposits to remain on hair for a more extended time than required – due to this you may have to wash your hair more often than usual
  • If you use too much hairspray and then attempt to set your hair it gets damaged
  • If hairspray is not washed away properly then it leads to inordinate dryness and brittleness of your hair
  • The risk of split ends and broken hair is higher with frequent use of hairspray

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Precautions before buying hairspray

  • Stay away from direct flames when applying hairspray because the propellants used may be highly flammable  If the spray comes in contact with the flame burns may be caused on your scalp, face, and upper body
  • If you suddenly develop allergic symptoms after using a hairspray (like wheezing, sneezing, scalp itchiness, and so on) discontinue the use of hairspray and try to identify which substance in the product you are allergic to.  Once that is placed, you can buy hairsprays that do not contain this substance
  • Ensure that hairspray does not contain ethanol – this organic compound dries and damages hair
  • Do not use hairspray frequently.  The build-up of hairspray chemicals in the hair resembles unsightly dandruff. Choose a good shampoo with a superior conditioner to wash off these deposits
  • Look for a hairspray that contains extracts of Vitamin E or its equivalent.  This helps moisturize the hair and keeps it shining

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