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Are Grey Hair And Thyroid Interconnected

If you are troubled by your gray hair, I shall list some points to lessen your burden. If you want to know are thyroid and gray hair connected, then you should first know about the thyroid.

The hormones are produced by a gland called the thyroid gland. You can easily find this gland on the front side of your neck. Our body is regulated by the hormones that which thyroid gland produces, i.e. how do we utilize the energy and the food and the food we eat. A chemical known as thyroxine is created by the thyroid gland. All the functions of our body are dependent on the amount of thyroxine that is formed by the thyroid gland. The basic job of the thyroid gland is to maintain the functionalities of our body.

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The thyroid is basically divided into two types: Hypothyroidism which is an underactive thyroid and Hyperthyroidism which is an overactive thyroid. As we know, hypothyroidism is the lack of thyroxine in your body; therefore it is treated by giving a small quantity of thyroxine to the patient. It is advised to take the supplement daily (only once) and generally mornings are preferred for this job.

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In the initial stages, thyroxine is given in very small quantity, and slowly the quantity is increased based on your progress, which can be figured with day-to-day tests. Until you reach the normality level of TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) and T4(Thyroxine) values they keep on increasing the levels of thyroxine in your body.

Another, type of thyroid is the one that produces an extra amount of thyroxine; this is called overactive thyroid or hyperthyroidism. The symptoms of hyperthyroidism include extra ordinary nervousness and sweating, rapidness in your heartbeat, loss in weight, goiter, etc. On the other hand, the symptom of hypothyroidism includes depression, unusual heart rate, and “gray hair”.

If you see your teenage lad or gal juggling with the problem of gray hair, you should not hesitate to ask the doctors are thyroid and gray hair connected. The above discussion itself demonstrates, how are thyroid and gray hair connected. It is important to know the genetic history of your family, as this disease may be genetic in some people.  Therefore, it is advisable, do not to ignore, if you suspect any symptoms of the disease. A simple and economical test known as the T test may help you to detect the disease.

In order to know are thyroid and gray hair connected, you ought to know that the occurrence of gray hair is not only dependent on one’s age but is connected to several other factors like healthy food, maintenance of your hair, etc. If you are experiencing premature graying of your hair i.e. gray hair at an early age, then it is important that you watch out and help your scalp out. You must be wondering, where your hair color comes from. There are certain cells in our hair follicles that produce certain pigments, among them, there is a pigment known as “Melanin” which is, to some extent responsible for hair color.

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It’s a simple rule; melanin is directly proportional to hair color. It means more the quantity of melanin, darker is the color of your hair. Similarly, if the color of your hair is light that is just because of less quantity of melanin in your body. When the production of this pigment is ceased (this happens at the age of 30 for a normal human being), the hair turns transparent, which appears gray due to the surrounded black hair. Hence, it is interesting to know that hair is never gray, they are only transparent.

There are some facts about gray hair like non-smokers are on a better part when it comes to gray hair than their counterparts, thyroid and the deficiency of vitamin B12 can cause gray hair, etc.

From the given facts you can check are thyroid and gray hair connected, as far as I know, I would say yes, thyroid and gray hair are connected.

The thyroid is directly connected to depression and stress, and stress is directly connected to gray hair. Therefore, if given a question are thyroid and gray hair are connected, we can always reply; yes, thyroid and gray hair are connected.

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