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Antiarrhythmic Drugs In Ayurveda

Irregular heartbeat is known as Arrhythmia.  It is caused by the stress of modern-day living or due to irregular diet and other habits and a sedentary lifestyle without exercise.  The causes of Arrhythmia are Coronary Heart Disease, change in heart muscles injury from a heart attack, the process of healing after a heart surgery imbalance of electrolytes such as potassium and sodium in the blood.   Arrhythmia includes rapid heartbeat, slowed heartbeat, premature beats, atria fibrillation, and ventricular arrhythmia.  It can be prevented by the use of medications that can regulate the heartbeat rate. Many herbs have a calming effect on the nerves and can therefore prevent the rise of pulse rate. Ayurveda uses herbs to make medicines in many different forms. Ayurvedic drugs are in powder form and ash, some in syrups, and some in tonics and syrups.

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The heart is comprised of a muscular pump system with chambers and valves to facilitate blood flow. The heart depends on the aerobic procedures of deriving metabolic energy which is critically dependent on coronary circulation. When there is a disturbance in this process the cardiac rhythm becomes abnormal resulting in arrhythmia.  When the heart’s natural rhythm is disturbed it may lead to heart failure.

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What Anti Arrhythmic Drugs Do?

The antiarrhythmic drugs have properties that help in regulating the heartbeat. The antiarrhythmic medicines are known as digitalis beta lockers and potassium and also calcium channel blockers.  These drugs block any impulses arising from the influence of adrenaline on the heart cells. Thus they are able to maintain the blood pressure under control and regulate the rhythm of the heartbeat.   Strict medical observation is absolutely necessary when these drugs are taken. ‘Hrudaya’ is the name given to arrhythmic drugs in Ayurveda as it means the heart.

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Arrhythmic drugs in Ayurveda 

The herbs used in treating arrhythmia are ajamoda, draksha, amlavetas, badar, amra, dadim, lakucha, triphala, karmarda, rajadan and shakaphala. Jhaharmohara and kaharya are effective in strengthening the heart muscles. Madhur and amla are used as cardia tonics.

Preparations in the form of ashes such as lauha bhasma bhasma means ash), swarna bhasma, vacha arjun, lajawarta and praval.

Mrigashringa choorna, kakubhadi choorna, hingavadi choorna are in the powder form.

Ghee based drugs like baladhya ghrita, mahameda, madhuka, arjuna ghrita and shalparni are used in treating certain types of arrhythmia.

Arjun sheer paak is a medicated milk. Devadaru, abhya, vavani palash, shunthi, udambur and vacha are also used as decoction in addition to balarishta, ikshurasa and arjunarisha.

These Ayurvedic drugs contain sulfur compounds in high degrees.

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Prevention of Arrhythmia 

It is common knowledge that the prevention of diseases is the best way to enjoy good health. The best way to prevent arrhythmia is to use garlic, pomegranate, arjuna powder and refrain from smoking and drinking alcohol.

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