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Every day, millions of Americans and Canadians make the firm decision to start a diet. Every day, millions of Americans break their diets and eat their hearts out. No matter what weight loss program, diet, or product is chosen, it is a known fact that most diets will fail. Why is this so? The answer is that going on strict diets that will yield quick results, or replacing meals with synthetic products made in a lab is not the most natural way of losing weight. If you want to lose weight and keep it off, then you should read on!

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There are two pillars you must base yourself on when adopting a natural weight loss plan: eating healthy food and doing exercise. Whether you like it or not, they both go together, and though separately they may each yield results, the best results are achieved by adopting them both at the same time.

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The equation is simple. If you eat a bigger amount of high-calorie food that has been processed and is therefore lacking in nutrients than natural, healthy food like fruits and vegetables, then you will put on weight. It has been proven that a diet in which more than 50% of your intake is made up of raw food (this includes fruits, vegetables, seeds, and nuts), is extremely effective in producing weight loss. It goes without saying that the more raw food you can incorporate into your diet, the better! We must bear in mind that the food must be raw, since the act of cooking it or rising its temperature above 116º Fahrenheit, will kill the enzymes contained in it and will cause the destruction of its essential nutrients. This natural weight loss plan does not rule out the possibility of eating meat or carbs, as long as they are accompanied by a big quantity of raw food.

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The other pillar, exercise, cannot be overlooked in any weight loss program. It doesn’t have to be strenuous exercise, on the contrary, just twenty minutes a day of moderate exercise is beneficial to your health and contributes towards weight loss. You can take a quick walk around your neighborhood, or stand up during commercials and move around a bit. Look for moments when you could incorporate some exercise. You will find many throughout the day. If you can only do it for five minutes, don’t worry, but do it! Start small, but keep it up. You will soon realize that exercising will get easier and easier and that your clothes are hanging a bit lose!

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The natural way of losing weight introduced above is one of many alternatives. Its appeal lies in the fact that you do not have to make drastic changes that are impossible to keep up within the long run. Incorporating raw foods into your diet and doing any kind of physical activity that you enjoy is the safest, best long-term way of saying goodbye to those extra pounds and turning into a new, healthier person!

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