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All about teenage romance and intimacy

Every teenage relationship is a mixture of love, attraction, and affection between two companions. Each relationship comprises of sexual intimacy as well as moral support.  But teenagers often confuse their feelings of likings and attraction as if love towards the other person which leads to teenage romance and eventually end up when they got afraid to commit for something they aren’t ready to do yet. Although teenage romance plays a major developmental role in the adolescent’s body as he/she develops strong feelings and emotions for their companion.

In this article, we will discuss the basic concept of teenage romance and how will it adversely affect the lives of teens.

Teenage love

Being in love is not wrong. But teenage is not the right age to fall in love. As there are more disadvantages in a teenage relationship than advantages… Teenage love and romance are very common these days but it is right if it is within boundaries. There are many teenagers who blindly fall in love and does not act maturely as they don’t have complete knowledge of what is right and what is wrong. We are not discouraging you from a romantic relationship. In fact, it actually makes us feel important and more secure. It teaches us self respect as well as respect for others. But again your age matters all. In teenage, you need to focus on your career and should try to make your life meaningful.

Why do teenagers fall in love quickly?

For teenagers the feeling of attraction which they sometimes consider “love” is more difficult to manage because of hormonal changes and body developments. Some teenagers think that being in a relationship is the modern way of lifestyle. Hence get involved in romance so fast. But they should maintain a healthy relationship instead of a romantic relationship. We cannot blame the age or time for how you feel. In fact, the majority of teenagers experience attraction and establish a relationship. As we are surrounded by movies, television, and most important social media which may be the cause behind this. Teens get curious as they watch romantic movies, read romantic novels and so on. So the best way to handle this thing is to keep you engaged in any work or studies or games etc.

 Are relationships good for teenagers?

If they can maintain a healthy relationship then it is good. But as we know teenage is not the right age for relationships. At this age, you are in the stage of becoming mature and independent. You need to get in-depth knowledge about the true value of love in life. So you need to wait for some years to get involved in a relationship. We are not discouraging to you. But sometimes it may lead to wrong activities and decisions.

Dangers of teenage dating

Teenage is the age where you need to take the right choices in terms of your studies and career. Being in a relationship at this time might Inhibit them from achieving your dreams. But this fact is not always true. There are many teenagers who are in a healthy relationship and helps their partner in achieving their respective goals. They even provide you personal space for your studies as well. But sometimes the situation is different. Teens have sometimes a false belief that they will get more happiness if they will marry their partners. But the reality is they are trapped in a vicious circle. There are many cases where a girl or a boy commit suicide because they could not marry the person they want. So sacrificing your beautiful and wonderful life for some romantic relationship is not a good thing at all. Moreover being in a relationship at this early age is not rational.

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Talk about teenage relationships with your children

The family plays an important part in the way your child should think about teenage relationships. The parents should have to act responsibly when their child reaches teenage. They should watch their children’s activities. They should talk about relationships and intimacy and try to show them the right path. In this way, the children feel more comfortable to talk about their relationship with parents. Parents need to motivate their children to focus on their career than on relationships. Teenagers there should try to control their emotions for love relationship as far as possible. Parents should handle them in a friendly manner. It is the time where guardians, teachers, and parents need to convince their child to focus more on their career and studies for their bright future rather than indulging in romantic relationships.


The world is completely different for a teenager. As we know teenage is the most distracting age of anyone’s life. They should look out at the consequences too if they want to have a romantic relationship. Breakups and matchups are common. But sometimes it becomes a blunder. I don’t think teenage love should be discouraged. But intimacy or physical relations or attraction must be discouraged. Relationships are not easy and for teenagers, it is most difficult to handle relations. Lack of concentration, physical relation, blackmails, suicides are a great hindrance. Teenage is a very sensitive age and if you do not concentrate on your future at this time and starts having relationships and intimacy, it will change your whole path of life. You need to understand the real meaning of love, dating, and relationships and what is the purpose of these things. So be aware of what to do at this stage and handle it quietly.

Final Words

Thus, it is advisable to the parents that they must guide their child about teenage love and the consequences of sexual intimacy. This will not only broaden the understanding of the teenagers but will also help them to gain knowledge about the importance of love at the right age. Also, teens should focus more on building their careers and exploring new adventures in life rather than complicating their feelings for their first fling.

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