Alcohol Hits Harder After Weight Loss Surgery

A recent study has revealed that alcohol hits harder after weight loss surgery. Generally, patients who have undergone weight loss surgery are not recommended to consume alcohol for at least a year in order to avoid health conditions. Alcohol consists of empty calories which can induce weight gain which ultimately mars the effect of the weight loss surgery. With the consumption of alcohol one also runs the risk of succumbing to vitamin deficiency as alcohol hinders the absorption of vitamins in the body. After a weight loss surgery, it is important for the body to receive all the essential nutrients as a person tends to decrease the level of calories in his diet. But with alcohol consumption, one tends to lose nutrients for metabolizing alcohol.

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Weight loss surgeries actually decrease the size of the and as a result the alcohol absorption the bloodstream happens in a quicker span of time. The sensitivity towards alcohol increases after undergoing weight loss surgery. In simple words, it means that one needs less amount of alcohol to feel intoxicated as compared to a person who has not gone through a weight loss surgery. It means that even one glass of wine can start to wane the concentration level of a person. 

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According to a study conducted by psychologists, it has been observed that people to put an end to overeating are always on the lookout for some kind of addiction so that they can take off their attention away from food and alcohol seems like easy bait for them. Around thirty percent of the patients who have undergone weight loss surgery tend to grapple with brand new addictions. Since the body reacts in a different manner towards alcohol after a weight loss surgery, it is a wise option to stay away from alcoholic drinks. Alcohol most of the time can give rise to weight gain as well and after the event of surgery, it is better to avoid these drinks which can again put you on the same old track of weight gain.

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Diet is an important element in any of the weight loss programs, and elimination of junk foods and alcohol-based drinks can give you good results. Alcohol can at times influence people to eat unhealthy meals which are not good news for the body, therefore consumption of these drinks is not recommended for people who had experienced weight loss surgery.

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